Decluttering For My Digital Nomad Journey | Minimalism | De-Own

Hey guys, Thanks for checking in again. I apologize for not posting as much - in case you're actually craving some posts from my side. I had some issues with my domain but I think it's fixed now and I'm ready to go. There's going to be a change in content from my side on... Continue Reading →

A Giving Mentality: A Minimalistic Approach to Owning Too Much

Hey guys, thanks for checking in. As always, I hope you're all well and safe during these crazy times that we live in. Today, I want to write a short post about something that's really "special" to me. When I talk to other people about it it seems like it's a special mentality that only... Continue Reading →

The Minimalists – An Eye-Opener

"The More You Let Go - The More You Rise" Hey Guys! Thank you for checking in! So, not too long ago I watched a documentary on Netflix called Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things, directed by Matt D'Avella. Obviously, it's about minimalism and if you don't know what minimalism is, here is my favorite definition... Continue Reading →

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