Am I Wrong for Feeling Like This?

Have you ever tried being so interested in something that you forgot you don't actually want it? About 1.5 years ago I joined UCN here in Denmark to study multimedia design. I've been so fanatic about being the best possible multimedia designer. So fanatic that I've realized that it's not what I want to do... Continue Reading →

Stop Worrying About Other People’s Opinion of You!

Have you ever heard about FOMO? You know, fear of missing out on something? It's a very normal psychological fear that a lot of people will feel throughout their life. Some more in life than others. To connect with you on a personal level, I've experienced this feeling hundreds of times. Especially when it comes... Continue Reading →

5 Reasons Why Dublin Is Brilliant for First Time (And Experienced) Expats

Hey guys, thanks for stopping by. If you're new, you don't know that I've lived in four countries, including my home country - Denmark. The three other places are London in the UK, Lisbon in Portugal, and Dublin in Ireland. I thrive when writing about my travels and sharing my experience doing so. Today, I... Continue Reading →

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