Casual Pub in Ireland – Landing Page

Hey guys,

Thanks for checking in to my first ever portfolio update on my website.

This is one of my design challenges I do from Sharpen Design to practice and improve my design skills. Sharpen Design is a design challenge generator, which will give you a specific task.

In this case I was supposed to create a landing page for a casual pub based in Ireland. I’ve previously lived in Ireland so I was quite excited about this one.

To make it more of a challenge I set a time limit on, so that I practice following my initial thought process and the immediate idea that comes to mind when I read the challenge. I gave myself 30 minutes to finish this design and here is the final result.

Feedback is very much appreciated and if you want to see more designs in the future outside of this page, make sure you follow my Instagram – rasmusbak1992.

Thank you!

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