Daily thoughts of an Expat

Are you an Expat? Where do you think of home?  Where is home? For many people it is very easy to point out exactly where home is. Home, is where your family and friends are. Home, is where you’re born. Home, is where you can relax and be safe. Home, is where your story begins.…

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Born to be a wanderluster?

Wanderlust, noun; A very strong or irresistible impulse to travel Have you ever seen the movie Step Up 3D? I saw this movie many years ago (it came out in 2010), and I always kept one thing in mind – one sentence, that has always been following me where ever I have been. In the movie,  the main…

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Journey with Junior – who?

Hi guys! This is my first ever attempt on the blogging lifestyle. I’ve always wanted to try this and try to put my thoughts into sentences that maybe could inspire other people. Before we do more, I would like to make this introduction and tell a little bit about myself, what I do, where I’ve…

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