Travel Better With an Open Mind

There are many reasons why people decide to travel. Whether it's alone or with a group - with friends, family, or strangers. No matter what type of traveling you do, there are some simple hacks you can use to take your travel game to the next level. It all starts with an open mind and... Continue Reading →

Do You Want to Live Abroad? Here Are Some Common Pros and Cons

My first experience with living abroad was in 2011 when I moved to London. I moved there without weighing the pros and cons of living in a foreign country. I've since lived in Lisbon and Dublin combined for a few years and I've learned how to actually research the pros and cons before moving. This... Continue Reading →

10 Incredible Skills You Will Learn Whilst Solo Traveling the World

Traveling solo can be a massive challenge for a lot of people - but most people don't realize how much you'll actually learn whilst doing so. I've been traveling solo for years, and I want to talk to you about the skills I've learned and how I use them to enhance my career and life... Continue Reading →

Digital Nomad: Let’s Talk About Escaping the Restraints of Working in an Office

"What do you want to be when you grow up?" You've probably been asked this question several times. I turn 30 this year, and up until two years ago I still didn't know the answer to this question. Well, I did. But whenever I'd tell anyone about it they wouldn't know what I was talking... Continue Reading →

Here’s Why an International Career Might Be the Perfect Choice for You

There are certain topics you can talk about over and over again without ever getting tired of it. For me, that's traveling and living abroad. As someone who has lived in four countries working with various roles within the travel and tech industry, this is something I love writing about. My Background for Sharing This... Continue Reading →

5 Reasons Why Dublin Is Brilliant for First Time (And Experienced) Expats

Hey guys, thanks for stopping by. If you're new, you don't know that I've lived in four countries, including my home country - Denmark. The three other places are London in the UK, Lisbon in Portugal, and Dublin in Ireland. I thrive when writing about my travels and sharing my experience doing so. Today, I... Continue Reading →

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