About Journey with Junior

Hi guys! Welcome to Journey with Junior!

My name is Rasmus Bak Kristensen also known as Junior.
I’m a 25-year-old danish guy who is just moved back to Denmark after one year in Dublin, Ireland.

This is my blog and my best attempt to put my thoughts, actions and struggles into sentences – and hopefully they can inspire one or two readers out there!

It will be personal, it will be (hopefully) motivational and fun.

Feel free to follow my blog and get a notification every time another awesome post is being published! If you like my stuff, I’ll sent you a virtual hug for liking, commenting and sharing it!

Welcome, I hope you enjoy reading my stuff. Thank you!

Junior out.

Yep, this is me!35238515_10213617644089402_6095624784295493632_n.jpg

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My name is Rasmus, I'm a Danish guy who wants to share every thought, dream and struggle about my life.

Via trips abroad as an expat to London, Lisbon and must recently Dublin I've gained some experiences that I would like to share.

I play the guitar, sing, love to travel, spent time with my friends and family and I'm a big Manchester United fan.

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