6 Ways Minimalism Will Improve Mental Health

The world sometimes associates having more with feeling more successful.

In fact, learning how to live simply without the need for unnecessary materialistic things can do wonders for your emotional health and overall wellbeing.

What is Minimalism?

Becoming a minimalist is basically the mindset of less is more.

Living the minimalist lifestyle is based on the ideology of living with less; streamlining your possessions with the ultimate goal of living in a simpler environment.

Many people say it has helped them get a clearer outlook on what they deem to be important in life.

If you’re interested in giving minimalism a go, you’ll choose a lifestyle that actively benefits your mental health. You’ll learn that happiness isn’t depending on the stuff you own, but rather on the quality of your relationship with yourself and your mental state.

Here are a few ways going minimalistic can help you improve your life.

1. Minimalism will reduce the feeling of guilt

Having a messy and cluttered house or life, in general, can make you feel guilty. You constantly think that you should be cleaning and tidying up your home or mind.

You might feel guilty because you don’t use that gift someone gave you for your birthday. Or, maybe you bought some expensive clothes but never wear them.

Guilt is a very negative emotion, and it might be easier for you to feel guilty if you’re dealing with anxiety or depression. These foundational negative emotions won’t make it easier.

The point is that you won’t feel like this with a minimalistic lifestyle.

If you don’t need the item or if it makes you feel guilty, then just get rid of them.

You’ll be thanking yourself!

2. Minimalism enhances your finances

When you realize you don’t need much, you’ll feel it financially as well.

You won’t be spending your hard-earned money on stuff you’ll use once and then put it away in a drawer somewhere. Your spending will decrease and you’ll be able to save money instead.

Saving money instead of spending money will have a positive impact in the long run.

3. Minimalism declutters your mind

With minimalism comes removing any clutter from your home. Declutter your house from all the things that add unnecessary stress to your life. It’ll be the most freeing thing you’ll ever do.

By not having too much stuff in your house, you’ll no longer feel constantly overwhelmed.

Instead, if you like this type of lifestyle, you’ll find it calming and relaxing to be at home. All of a sudden it’ll be a place for you to unwind and declutter your mind.

4. Minimalism leads to awareness

One of the goals and major benefits of minimalism is that it allows you to focus on what matters.

It’s all about being present, conscious of your values, the world around you, and which material good you decide to fill your life with.

When you start paying attention to your surroundings, you’ll begin to take notice of things you didn’t do in the past. This allows you to be more attentive and observant, which will lead to increased productivity – in life, including in your work and relationships.

5. Minimalism will increase your energy

With less responsibility towards the stuff around you, you’ll experience an increase in energy. You won’t feel bogged down by having too much to do, see, and clean up on a regular basis.

Obviously, there are days that are crazy. You can’t avoid those days.

But, because you’ve chosen to be focused on your time and energy, you’ll be able to handle those busy hours much better.

6. Minimalism will make you happier

Overall, those who choose to experience the minimalistic lifestyle will feel less stress and anxiety and more happiness and fulfillment.

By removing your focus from materialistic things you’ll be able to focus more on meaningful habits and everyday interactions.

It’s all about creating a self-care routine that’ll help you beat the emotions you’re fighting every day. A minimalistic lifestyle is a super powerful tool to start embracing life in a new way.

My advice is that if you’re looking for a way to improve your mental health, then try decluttering and minimalism, because it has helped me so much with my own mental health.

I’m confident in saying that it has somehow transformed my life.

Read this before you start to declutter your life…

You might feel the urge to just throw everything away right now. I know I did when I read about minimalism for the first time.

Please make sure you start small. Go through your stuff and throw out the things you know you NEVER use. Don’t throw away things if you’re unsure if you’ll use them again.

I use a method from How I Met Your Mother (believe it or not). If I haven’t used an item for 6 months, then I’ll donate or throw it away. It’s a good way to get started.

Start small and then scale up.

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Thanks for reading,
Rasmus Bak

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