5 Reasons Why Dublin Is Brilliant for First Time (And Experienced) Expats

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If you’re new, you don’t know that I’ve lived in four countries, including my home country – Denmark. The three other places are London in the UK, Lisbon in Portugal, and Dublin in Ireland.

I thrive when writing about my travels and sharing my experience doing so. Today, I want to share something important about moving to and living in another country.

Today, we talk about Ireland – with the main focus on Dublin, which is where I lived for 2.5 years from 2017 to 2020. Dublin has a special place in my heart. So, I want to give you five reasons why you should consider moving there if you want to move abroad.

English – The Universal Language

One of the main reasons why Ireland is amazing for first-time expats is that they speak English. This is relevant for experienced travelers too. And this is relevant because you’re able to speak to everyone no matter when and where you are in this country.

Of course, this is only a benefit if you actually speak English yourself. Ireland is very international. So, even if you don’t speak English you’ll most likely be able to find someone speaking your language. If you don’t speak English, don’t worry – but it’s good if you’re eager to learn it.

Speaking the language of the people of the country is definitely a plus. Looking back at the time I moved to Lisbon in Portugal, I know how important that is. When I moved there I didn’t speak a word of Portuguese but I learned the basics. Not knowing a single word made it almost impossible to talk to people. Since a lot of Portuguese people don’t speak English even the everyday tasks were a challenge.

I learned to be very confident speaking and writing English. If you allow yourself to talk to the people around you, you will too.


Ireland has a lot of opportunities for career and personal growth. Dublin has most of the big American companies that you’re most likely using every day. Companies like Microsoft, Facebook, Google, HubSpot, etc. make Dublin a hub of opportunities.

If you’re interested in tech, sales or recruitment then Dublin is definitely the place to be. If Dublin isn’t it for you then you find other great companies in cities like Cork and Galway.

A lot of people move there without experience and you can too. There are loads of entry-level jobs in customer service to start your career in Dublin. Please read the next section for some important information about these jobs, though.

So yes, if you’re interested in moving to a city with a lot of opportunities, then Dublin is a great choice.

Income vs Expenses

This is important if you’re thinking about moving to Dublin or Ireland in general. Depending on how you read it, it might be a positive or negative section of this post.

I’m going to be completely honest with you. The housing situation is one of the craziest and most negative things about living in Dublin. They don’t have enough houses or apartments for the number of people moving to the city.

With the terrible decision of not having rent pressure zones, the landlords can charge you any amount. Unfortunately, this means that a lot of people pay more than 50 – or even 60% of their salaries in rent. Especially for people working with customer service or other entry-level jobs.

I’ve told myself many times that I’d never move back to Dublin unless I have a base salary of 30.000 EURO/year. Myself, I paid almost 1.200 EURO/month in rent – for a room. The room had a private bathroom and was in the heart of Dublin City Centre, like 10 minutes from St. Stephen’s Green.

But paying 1.200 EURO/month is too much. It doesn’t matter how much you make, it’s too much. My base salary was about 32K per year and I felt like it was way too much.

On a positive note, the amount of money you can make is endless. Once you move above the entry-level jobs, you can make so much money in sales, recruitment, or tech roles. I know people who made 4.000-5000 EURO/month as a base salary from working in sales.

Outside of rent things costs pretty much the same as anywhere else.

It’s something to take into consideration before moving – and one last tip – never move there without a job. You can do your interviews online and move with the job. Do yourself a favor and don’t move there without a job. It’s too expensive to even live there without an income.

People & Country

People always ask me about the people and country of wherever I move to. I have to say that the Irish people are the greatest. Also, Ireland is one of the most amazing countries I’ve ever visited.

I Irish people and Ireland from the bottom of my heart. They are such amazing people and they’ll always help you if you have questions or ask for advice.

Also, as I said in an earlier section, the country is very international. This means that you’ll encounter people from all over the world. Beware, you’ll end up having friends from all continents. I have friends in Cape Town, the US, England, Italy, Spain, and many other countries.

The country itself is stunning. It might be small but it’s home to some of the most amazing views money can buy. Even if you’re not thinking about moving to Ireland, you should go there on holiday. Rent a car and drive around the country – you won’t regret it, trust me.

If you’re up for seeking discomfort and meeting people, I recommend staying in Hostels. It might be a mental challenge but it’s the best way to meet people. I can recommend the Times Hostel – Camden Place. I stayed there for a couple of weeks when I moved to Dublin.

If you’re Irish and you see this. Thanks for taking care of me and thanks for allowing people like me to feel welcome in your country.

Traveling From Ireland

This is for you if you’re looking for information about the travel situation to and from Ireland. I assume that if you’re willing to move to another country, you’re interested in traveling.

I can only speak on behalf of Dublin Airport since that’s the only one I’ve used. There are a lot of opportunities to travel to and from Dublin. When I lived there I traveled to Edinburgh in Scotland for 12 EUROs on a return ticket.

You can find a lot of these cheap tickets to the majority of European countries and outside of Europe as well. I found return tickets to both the US and Asia for a couple of hundred EUROs.

This is definitely one of the best reasons why you’d consider a move to Dublin.

Would I Move Back?

This is always a tough one to answer. I hope you get the feeling that I love Ireland and the people living there. To be completely honest, I’m certain that I’d never move back there. That might change if they fix the housing situation or a massive job offer comes around.

I lived there for 2.5 years. I’ve paid more than enough rent to some Irish landlord. As much as I love this place, I can’t justify paying that amount every month for a roof over my head.

I still have loads of friends there and I’m still going to go there on holiday. I have a lot of things I haven’t seen yet. When this COVID-situation gets under control I’m going back there.

Even though I’m not moving back, I’d still tell you to try it out. The rent is crazy but Dublin is definitely the ultimate place for you to move. Especially, if you’re moving for the first time or if you can get a well-paid job.

Wrap Up

This post turned out to be a bit longer than expected. I’ve explained some of the most important things to consider before moving to Ireland. I hope it has inspired some of you out there.

I’d like to know if you’ve had a similar experience with Dublin or Ireland in general? Or another country?

Thanks for stopping by.

Take care,
Rasmus Bak

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