Decluttering For My Digital Nomad Journey | Minimalism | De-Own

Hey guys,

Thanks for checking in again. I apologize for not posting as much – in case you’re actually craving some posts from my side. I had some issues with my domain but I think it’s fixed now and I’m ready to go.

I’ve decided to document my journey of becoming a digital nomad and while some of the posts are going to be less exciting than others, I want to make sure that I’m documenting both the small and big things/changes/decisions while pursuing this dream of mine.

Going Minimalistic To Become Flexible

Today’s post is about how I’m finally entering the ‘minimalistic’ mindset that I’ve been thinking about for so long. As some of you know I’ve moved abroad a couple of times and I remember the good old days where I could literally pack my entire life into one suitcase and one backpack.

Now, as I’m pushing 30 next year (I know… old dude) and have been living by myself for years, I’m confident that I can no longer do put my life into a suitcase. I simply have too much stuff in my apartment that I’ve accumulated over the years. I’m a big tech guy and I tend to buy a lot of stuff that I don’t need. Also, I have a lot of clothes and other materialistic stuff that I simply don’t use – and probably never will.

First Day of Decluttering

I talk a lot about why I want to change this mindset and how I feel disgusted by myself when I figure out how much stuff I have cluttered and hidden in two drawers in my bedroom – in my bedroom alone!

“In fact, you can find that the lack of basic resources, material resources, contributes to unhappiness, but the increase in material resources does not increase happiness.” 

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Ted Talk

Going through these two drawers I was able to “remove” 7 pairs of jeans, 17 t-shirts, 2 sweatshirts, and a lot of other stuff that I haven’t seen for years. So, I decided to try out Marshall Eriksen and Lily Aldrin’s (or actually Ted Mosby’s) decluttering method when they’re moving to Rome in How I Met Your Mother. Basically, they’re going through a decluttering phase as well and if they haven’t used a specific object within the past year, they throw it out.

I decided to go through my kitchen and I managed to fill two big plastic bags with stuff I’m never going to need – and it felt amazing. Looking at the super creative image below and realizing how that all fitted into a cabinet in my kitchen and the closet in my bedroom shocked me.

A Must-Do Change

The minimalistic lifestyle is something that I’ve talked about for years and I actually did a post about this way back in 2018 when I published The Minimalists – An Eye-Opener. Back in September, I talked about the mentality of giving away stuff when you don’t need it – you can read it here: A Giving Mentality: A Minimalistic Approach to Owning Too Much.

It’s a weird sensation when you mix the previous experience of living sort of minimalistic and now finding out that you have too much stuff around the house – but now it’s time to actually do something about it.

For now, it’s basically about challenges and the steps I take, the changes I make, and the preparation I do in order to pursue my dream post-graduation next year.

I hope you guys enjoyed this little post – if you’re already living a minimalistic lifestyle and have some feedback or advice for me, I’d love to hear from you – whether it’s here or on the YouTube channel.

Thanks again for reading and stopping by – have an amazing Sunday,

Rasmus Bak.

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