Milestone Reached – 300 Followers + YouTube!?

Hey guys,

Thanks for checking in. I just wanted to announce that we’ve reached 300 followers on I appreciate every single one of you and I hope to see many more in the future!

I’ll be the first one to admit that my focus has changed a bit from the written words to video/content creation, which is why I’ve created my YouTube channel – here’s a direct link if you want to follow. I’ve described it a bit more in this previous post – Life Update – I’ve Joined YouTube – Here’s Why! – talking about my hopes and dreams about the channel and my digital nomad journey.

It’s no secret that it’s a big step for me to record myself, but I feel like that’s the perfect way for me to express myself in a new way.

My introduction video on YouTube – “Rasmus Bak – A Digital Nomad Journey”

What to expect from my channel

On this channel, you’ll be able to follow me and my journey of becoming a digital nomad. If you’re new to my channel, you’ll probably don’t know that I’m currently studying multimedia design with the dream of becoming a UI/UX and graphic designer. You’ll find content related to UI design challenges, I’ll be sharing projects – both web and graphic design, I’m learning about shooting and editing footage, and hopefully, one day I’ll be able to offer video content production to my clients.

Wrap Up

This post was actually just to thank you all for “trusting” me and following me on this platform. Every follower, like, and share is a step in the right direction for me and my journey. I started the YouTube channel about a month ago and I’m currently at 24 subs – and I appreciate every single one of you who’d drop a follow on that channel as well.

Nonetheless, I appreciate you all for the 300 followers on here – here’s to another 300. I’m so excited to have two platforms on which I can share different content.

I appreciate you all.

Take care,
Rasmus Bak

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