Mental Health: Resetting

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Today, I want to comment on a podcast that I heard a couple of days ago when walking back home after having visited my parents. I don’t usually listen to podcasts and this was probably the first ever, full episode I’ve ever actually listened to – and I was surprised by how much I actually appreciated it.

I didn’t know the author beforehand, I just picked a random podcast on Spotify about health and this episode was called “Let’s Talk About… Resetting”. The podcast is created by an Australian author and speaker called Jeremy Goodwin. He focuses on practical and simple things we all can do every day to look after our mental health. I’m not going to count each episode, but I think there’s more than 100 episodes – so loads to get started on!

Let’s Talk About… Resetting

This was the first episode Mr Goodwin ever posted and it was published back in end of 2019 – so right before COVID hit and stunned the world. And honestly, I was so surprised by how well this specific topic perfectly describes me, my life up until now and the goals and dreams I have for my future.

The overall idea talk is about how we all know how our mental health goes up and down daily. But, when it starts to go more down than up, then it’s time for a mental reset and for you to start taking back control over your life – and start going in a different direction in certain aspects of your life.

This isn’t about you feeling down an hour some random day, but it’s about when you feel miserable, e.g. about your job, lack of creative or passionate freedom etc. in your every day life.

“Resetting is about being brave enough with yourself to call time on those things that aren’t in your best interest or in the best interest of your metal health and wellbeing – and then choosing a different path, even if that means taking a risk”

Jeremy Goodwin, “Let’s Talk About Mental Health” Podcast, Episode 1

The general idea is that even if you don’t want to take a risk or make that change, you need to realize that you have to. If you don’t take risk, then you never know what might be. If you hate certain aspects of your life, then you owe it to yourself to do something about it and get away from whatever it is that’s dragging you down.

This is where I started to realize that I’ve been going through several mental resettings in my life and I’ve never really thought of it as a ‘mental’ reset, but more of a lifestyle choice and challenge to try something new.

Moving Abroad – Did I Mental Reset?

If you’re new to my channel, then you probably don’t know that I’m Danish, but I’ve been an expat in three different countries outside of my comfort zone here in Denmark. I’ve previously lived in London (UK), Lisbon (Portugal) and Dublin (Ireland). I won’t talk a whole lot about my experience, you can find a lot of posts on my channel about that – here’s the most recent one.

Me in Lisbon, Portugal when I moved there in 2013.

Often, when people ask me why I’ve moved abroad so many times, I’ve always told them that it’s because I’ve been looking for a new challenge, great opportunities and just doing my best to create memories that I’ll charish forever. But what if that was all a ‘lie’ and I’ve just used those stories as mechanisms to not realize what was really going on?

Did I actually go through 4 major mental resets when I decided to move abroad and even when I decided to move back home again? Looking back I honestly think that was the case – but as a mix with the reasons listed before. I’ve always been looking for challenges, but now I realize that I in fact used those travels to reset myself.

Why Did I Need The Mental Reset?

I moved to Lisbon two weeks after a break-up after a three year relationship. When I moved to Dublin I wasn’t at my best, I was very anti-social, couldn’t get a job and honestly, I didn’t feel like I fitted in back then. I’ve never really had a lot of close friends but a lot of good friends, which has made it a lot easier for me to leave.

I’ve always said that if my parents and brother weren’t here, I’d be travelling the world, taking on whatever job might come around and never look back. I have a few close friends, yes – but I must admit that I’ve always felt quite alone and the dream of starting over and meeting new people has always been a priority to me – and what better way than moving to another country without knowing anyone there?

Wrap Up: How’s It Going Now?

I just turned 29 in August and I’ve never felt like I knew my purpose in life. I’m not one for setting up life goals and stuff like that as I feel trapped very easily. But last year I entered school of multimedia design here in Denmark and I now know, what I was supposed to do. I want to be a UI/UX web designer and I want to pursue my dream of becoming a freelance digital nomad.

I definitely needed the mental resets – and listening to that podcast made me realize that. It’s funny how it has taken me years to actually see it, but I guess you learn every day. I’m certain that everybody needs a mental resetting at some point in their lives and I’m all about it. This was actually a really tough post to write, as I had to really dig deep into emotions that I felt almost 10 years ago when I moved abroad the first time.

I’m a big fan of challenging myself and meeting new people. I don’t need a lot but I’ve come to love trying new things and if that includes the occasional mental reset, then I’m all good. Change is good and I aspire to motivate everyone I meet to Seek Discomfort and try it our for themselves.

Have you ever gone through a mental reset – or could you use one right now? I’d love to hear about it and would love to share experiences with each and every one of you reading this post.

If not, then thanks for checking in – I’m closing in on 300 followers on my channel and I appreciate every single one of you for stopping by, reading and interacting with me.

Have an amazing weekend,

Junior out.

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