Fighting Mental Issues (Mental Health Month)

Hi Guys,

Thanks for checking in!

Let me just start off by apologizing the long time no hear from my part. I’ve been swamped with school projects, exam and trying to improve my skills as an up-and-coming UX/UI designer.

This one post is going to be covering af general, but big problem in the world mixed with personal experience of fighting mental problems. The Month of May is known as Mental Health Month – and this year is no different. Based on everything that has happened since around December 2019 up until now with the whole COVID-19 crash, I think this problem is only going to grow with rapid speed after people being in lock-down and not having a social life for what’s probably going to end up lasting a few years.

What are we up against here?

I like to believe that people who isn’t suffering from mental health issues don’t realize how big of an impact it has on people. They don’t know how many different types of health issues there are and they certainly do not know how to talk about it.

When talking about mental health issues, there are a lot of different types of it – big and small. Somebody who’s afraid of speaking their mind in front of other people might have some underlying issues with their mental state – it doesn’t have to be based on some major trauma to be an issue for somebody – and that’s the problem.

You don’t have to fight massive traumatic health issues to struggle with mental health, guys. It’s really important to understand that there are people who’re capable of hiding their struggles as well as there are people who aren’t. Covering up your issues is a defense mechanism that makes everything worse in the long run.

So please make sure you don’t just assume that everybody is okay, because they might not be.

My own struggles

Ever since my injury back in February of 2020, I’ve been struggling as well. Mixing everything with the COVID-19 situation, lockdown and a lot of other things, this has officially been the worst years of my life.

We’ve all had minor issues previously in our lives – me too – but during this period of my life I’ve been struggling a lot with loneliness and thoughts about myself and my current state. I’m so far from where I’ve been and where I want to be in terms of happiness and self-esteem.

Coming from someone who used to be the most outgoing person with loads of friends, bartending, travelling etc. to someone who now has back issues, who can’t do anything social and someone who has been stuck for way too long, it has been really, really hard. Even before COVID-19, I had issues staying in and commit to the same place for too long, so after having been ‘locked-up’ for this long is a real issue for me.

Honestly, I’m aware of what the back injury has done to me, mentally and physically, but I don’t know where my fear of commitment is coming from. I just get mentally and physically tired and frustrated when I can’t see people or new places.

I wish that I could talk to someone about it, but my financial situation doesn’t allow it – unfortunately, but maybe some day in the future when I’m done with school.

Wrapping up

The point of this post of the entire month of May is to focus on having someone to talk to and someone who’ll actually listen to your thoughts, struggles and general health concerns. Not a lot of us has got a person like that. Therefore, I would like to offer my help and time to anyone out there who might be reading this. If you would like someone to talk to – who isn’t judging you – then let’s talk. Feel free to reach out and we’ll make it happen.

To improve my own mental situation, I go for daily walks, keep myself busy and try to not think about what’s going on around me too much.

I don’t have a magic pill to fix any of either yours or my issues, but we can help each other out by talking about mental health and I hope that I’ve inspired you to do so. I’ve had a lot of focus on it for a while now, and I love it – and I hope you’ll do the same.

Again, if you need somebody to talk to, feel free to reach out – you can find me here or on Instagram (rasmusbak1992). Please just make sure you leave an actual message as the spam folders on sociale media are going crazy right now!

I’ll leave you off with a quote that I live by every day. It might not suite your struggles, but it’s something I read every day to help me get over my physical and mental pain every morning when I get up and get ready for the day ahead.

Accept that it happened. Now learn how to live with it.

Somebody smart.

Take care and stay safe,

Junior out.

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