Life Update – first month of 2021

Hey guys,

thanks for checking in – as always, I hope you’re all well and safe!

If you actually read my posts, you’ve probably seen my Happy New Year post in which I listed my goals for the year. I’ll try my best to update these every two-three months for my own sanity and motivation to stay on track!

#1 – Focus on school

So, I actually passed my first exam about two weeks ago with the second best grade possible – which would be a B after the ECTS and an A on the US grading scale. I’m quite happy about that because I feel like I could’ve put a lot more effort into it. Using this as a motivation to be more dedicated in future exams is great!

I’ve just had a week off and we started the second semester on Feb 1st and I’m excited to learn more about coding, UI/UX and multimediadesign in general.

#2 – Focus on getting back to my normal mental and physical health

I already talked about this a lot and I also covered my current mental and physical situation in my previous post – One Year In – where I talked about how I feel one year after the car accident that messed up my back and neck.

I’m still feeling very much alone and I struggle with both mental and physical health. I need this injury to disappear and I need COVID-19 to vanish (or the vaccines to be distributed faster). It’s not easy recovering from health issues when you can’t do much to fix it.

But! I’ve started to be to workout every two-three days with light weights and resistance bands. Taking it slow and improving a little bit every day – whenever it’s possible, but it’s a long journey ahead.

#3 – Drop down 20 kgs

As mentioned in my new year post, I’ve been gaining a lot of weight since the accident and since the lockdown happened. I was used to working out at least 4-5 times per week as well as being a carpenter – I was very active on a day to day basis. Unfortunately, the injury and lockdown made it impossible for me – mentally and physically – to stay active. I continued to eat like I was still active and you know what happens when you eat the same or more but you stop being active.

Unfortunately, I’ve gained about 20 kgs the previous year due to this.

My mental fight is improving regarding this. I got back into flexible dieting, using MyFitnessPal to track my calories and I started walking every day. Actually, I set myself a goal to walk 2,000 kilometres in 2021. So far – four weeks in – I’ve walked almost 210 kilometres. I need to walk an average of 5,5 kilometres per day to make this happen. Here are some pictures from my walks.

But, the best thing is that I’ve dropped almost 5 kgs in January. I have a lot to drop, so I’m dropping fast in the beginning. I’m excited and I really do hope I can keep working out. I’m ready to push through the pain, because something needs to happen.

#4 – Invest 10,000 DKK

I decided to invest some of my money and I’ve actually already crushed this goal. Well, it’s not all invested yet but I transferred 12,000 DKK to my investment account which will be automatically invested during the next year (while I’m a student).

So far, I’ve made about 3,400 DKK and I’m excited to see where this will take me.

#5 – Visit at least one new country

Yea, we all know the current situation. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to reach this goal in 2020, but I hope. As soon as I’ll be allowed to go somewhere, I’ll go. I don’t really care how much it costs. This is the first time in over 10 years I haven’t been on a plane for more than a year.

I’m bored – mainly because of lockdown and online lessons – but I’m praying that I’ll be able to travel in 2021.

Wrap Up

Do you have any goals written down for 2021? What do you think about my goals? Too much or too little? Do you like having goals? Let me know – I need inspiration in case some on my goals fail.

Thanks again for checking in,

Junior out.

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