Becoming a Multimedia Designer #2

Hey guys,

Thanks for checking in!

It has been about a month and a half since my first post about becoming a multimedia designer #1 and I’ve super busy with school, injuries and life in general.

A lot has happened since and I actually passed my first exam yesterday with a “10”. Danish grades are numbered with -03 being the worst then 00, 02, 4, 7, 10 & 12 being the best grade. So, I got the second best grade and I’m quite happy with it.

We’ve been working in groups since mid December and it’s great when hard work pays off. I should have prepped more for the oral exam but I felt quite comfortable and honestly, I have some other things going on in life right now that needs attention – so I found a good balance and it worked out!

The Project

During the exam we had to create a website and a project describing the entire process from figuring out the target group of the company to doing interviews to coding etc. It was a fun exercise and I’m really happy with my group.

The company is called Svalegaarden Mest. They’re a company delivering high-end experiences for customers who needs “all-in-one” service for their weddings, birthdays etc. It’s located in an expensive part of my hometown.

Here’s a little sneak peak at the website we created.

Remember that we’re just four months into our coding careers. It’s not perfect, but we’re happy with the results. We would’ve loved to have more time to finish it off but this is what we ended up with.


The new thing we had to implement to this website was JavaScript, which we used to create the nav bar drop-down-menu. It wasn’t taking up too much space but we’re just learning about it. Also, it’s used to create the “burger” menu for mobile devices.

Wrap Up

Besides from learning about JavaScript, we’ve used more time learning about grids, how to make the website responsive, SEO and how to overall optimize the website.

I still like this education but it’s hard to stay motivated when you can’t actually go to school due to Covid-19. Fortunately, we’ve had no scheduled classes since we started working on our project so we’ve all had quite a lot of time to focus on ourselves and do our thing.

We are going back to scheduled classes on Feb 1st, so that’s going to be tough.

Other than that, I’m still struggling with some things on the side but I’ll “talk” about that in another post coming soon.

I hope you’re all well and I hope that you’re all getting through this time well. I know it’s tough. It sucks to be honest, but we’ll get through it.

Take care,

Junior out.

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