I’m sorry I’ve been gone..

Hey everyone,

Thanks for checking in!

I know, I know… It has been a while. Four months and 11 days to be exact since my last post on here. If you’ve missed me – I’m sorry.

I’ve been so busy. Let me explain why – it’s good, I promise!

If you go back and read two of my three latest posts, you’ll understand that I went in a different direction with my life. I wanted change and I went for it.

After my back injury back in March, I started looking into new opportunities and quickly fell in love with coding, designing etc. It was probably naturally, since I was working with UI/UX recruiting at Google prior to going to carpentry school.


I decided a couple months back to apply for a spot at the yearly multimediadesigner class at UCN here in Aalborg, Denmark – and you know what? I was picked as one of the 35 from more than 250 applicants. YES!

I started school on September 1st and I’ve been so busy since. Prior to school start I began to learn coding and general web design theories to be the best prepped student from the start. I wrote about this back in June/Juli when I started to realize that I probably wouldn’t be able to return to my job. You can read about it here.

Alone vs feeling alone

I was in a pretty bad spot prior to school start. I’d been by myself pretty much all the time from March 1st when I was involved in the accident. Corona happened and my best friend moved to another city across country.

It was a tough time for me. I struggled a lot with the pain from the injury mixed with not seeing people for months – except for my family. This also explains why I’ve been away from this site. I’ve been so busy enjoying being around new people. All of a sudden I had 35 new friends that I’d get to be around every day for 7-8 hours.

Unfortunately, we were sent home for a couple of weeks for online lectures due to Covid-19, but we’ll be allowed back to school on Monday.

What now?

I’m still busy. I’m still learning a lot from school and in life in general. I’ve been finding myself a lot more dedicated towards studying and learning on a daily basis that my days and months has just flown by.

I’ve already been in school for 2,5 months. The full education is less than two years, so I need to do my best so I can be the best.

I’ve decided to dedicate more time to writing stuff down in here. It’s amazing how free I feel when I’ve posted something on here. I’ve also decided to not have an upload schedule. I don’t want to feel stressed about it if I miss a weekly or monthly upload, but I want to do it whenever I feel like it.

Also, there’s been a lot of changes made to WordPress – it’s like a new website with loads of new features, so I have to learn about all of these things as well.

But, one thing is for certain – you’ll see more of me in here from now on. I’ll do my part to keep sharing my life with you – wether you like it or not! πŸ™‚

Wrap Up

I think I’ve shared enough for today. I just finished another 8 hours of home school and another 3 hours of coding for my school project where I’ll be making a microsite for the local animal park – it’s so exciting. Once it’s done I’ll try to share it with you guys.

Thanks for checking in. I appreciate all the love coming my way from you guys.

Remember, just because life knocks you down, it all about how quickly you get back up again. I’ve been knocked over so many times this year, but I’ve decided to make the best of it. So should you, if you face mental and/or physical problems like me. You got this!

Take care,

Junior out.

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