Betrayal Level 1000

Hey guys,

Thanks for checking in!

Yesterday was great. I reached 200 followers on my page and also published my 100th post since I started – thanks again to everyone!

But, today I want to talk about something else. Something that happened almost 1 1/2 years ago. Something that is still haunting me.

Something Else

For those of you who follow this page might know that I’m from Denmark. Back in 2017 I moved to Dublin, Ireland where I worked for almost three years until I moved back to Denmark in July 2019.

I worked as a Recruiting Coordinator for the Google Play team at Google (obviously). It was such an amazing job but after a year I was approached by a company called HubSpot. An amazing company with a great reputation and a great work environment.

You might think: “Why would you leave a good job at Google?”. To be honest, I don’t know. It was exciting. They approached me. They wanted me and that was a great feeling – it was something else.



I accepted the interviews and felt great all the way through. The benefits of working for this company is insane. I was sold and I really wanted this. I prepped like crazy and I felt like I nailed all the interviews.

I connected very well with the recruiter and the manager of the recruitment team. Overall I felt good about everything.


During the interviews one of my colleagues figured out that I was interviewing for the role. For some reason she decided to contact the recruiter from HubSpot and apply for the job as well – without me knowing about it. She kept it a secret and used my knowledge to her advantage.

I’d only been in a recruiting role for about a year. She’d been a recruiter for a couple of years which gave her the advantage apparently – because she ended up getting the job and left me “stranded”. She’d literally used all the info and feedback that we’d talked about during breakfast, lunch and breaks and tweaked it to her advantage.

She told me

I’d finished all interviews. I felt so confident that I would get the job. At this time I didn’t even know that she’d been through the same process.

About a week before everything would be settled and one week before I thought I would quit my job she told me everything. She told me how she’d used my info and how she’d attended interviews during work hours and how well everything went for her.

I was so mad. I was ready to slap her. I usually don’t feel like this obviously, but I really felt betrayed. I felt like I’d been used and that she’d taken advantage of me – which she had.

A couple of days later the recruiter called me to tell that they had chosen another person for the role. Since the role wasn’t public I kind of already knew who they’d picked – my colleague. And boy was I right.

She told me during the next break that she’d gotten the job and that she’d already quit the job at Google and would be leaving one week later. I was fuming. I was sad and really, really annoyed.


Wrap Up

I don’t know what the morale of the story is. I honestly never thought that somebody would do this to me and looking back I really do regret telling her about the interviews.

I didn’t talk to her during that last week and I literally deleted her on all social media platforms. It’s insane how much you can dislike a person so quickly when you’ve been working together for almost a year.

I’m sure she’s doing well. She is good at her job but that job was mine to have and I still dislike her for it.

BUT, I ended up staying at Google for another 6 months before I decided to move back to Denmark. I’m sure that that job was the best Plan B I could’ve ever had as it taught me a lot.

It’s hard because you want to trust people but sometimes you can’t. I’ve learned my lesson and I’ll be more careful in the future.

Have you guys tried something like this? If yes, feel free to let me know in the comment section or maybe let me know what you would’ve done if you were in my shoes.

Thanks again for reading guys!

Take care,

Junior out.

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    1. I’m sure it is! I’m back in Denmark now and going back to school to study web design. Exactly what I was recruiting for at Google, so it was meant to be ✌️ Thanks for checking in!

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