How I Get Ideas To Write About

Hey guys,

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If you’re sitting out there writing on your page like I am right now looking for inspiration on what to write about – I feel you. It is hard to keep coming up with ideas and finding inspiration is important.

A while ago I wrote about this and how I find inspiration on what to write about – you can find it right here –>Β Running Out of Words To Write?

Here’s a recap of how I find inspiration:

  • Reading other blogs
  • Instrumental inspiration
  • Writing reviews
  • Unplug and go outside
  • Dreaming

A quick recap, I know. If you want to read more feel free to click the link above!

“Talking Point Board”

You know people walking around with a little book in which they write down their ideas? Or maybe on their phone? Or are you like me who tend to forget your ideas quicker than you think of them because you don’t bother writing them down?

Yea. Every time I used to get an idea I would think I’d be able to remember it when I came home but I never did. I’d probably have a 100 ideas to write about but no – I don’t, because I didn’t write them down.

So, here’s what I did. A very simple solution to be honest. I went to a shop 2 minutes from my home and I bought a whiteboard and some markers. After that I made some space on my desk to make room for the whiteboard next to my PC where I write all my posts.

Here’s what my gaming/blogging/chill area in my apartment looks like.


As you can see the board is already filled and I’m thinking of buying another one. It’s such a simple solution. Every time I get an idea I write it on the board with a green marker. Whenever I’m finished writing about an idea I cross it off with my red marker. That way I keep a system and try to keep it as clean as possible.

“But Junior, what if you’re out walking and you come up with an idea and you don’t have your board with you?!”

I have a solution for that too! Don’t worry! I actually started using the WordPress App. Whenever I come up with an idea I open up the app, hit that “create a new post” and I write down the title + a few ideas so that I remember my thoughts.

This way I don’t have a separate app for my notes but everything gathered in one place. Whenever I open up my page on my PC I’ll have all my notes and thoughts in the drafts. After that I’ll write them down on the board and follow the system mentioned above.

Β Wrap Up

It’s a really simple and CHEAP solution to keep up with your ideas. Being a writer like us it’s important to keep having things to write about – without ideas there are no posts and with no posts there are no blogs.

What do you think about the idea? What do you do to keep track of your ideas? Let me know, so that I can get inspired by you!

Thanks again for checking in. Take care,

Junior out.


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