Gaming – The Online Community

Hey guys,

Thanks for checking in.

Today’s post is going to be super short, but I just wanted to talk about gaming and how it’s changing a lot of people’s lives. It’s influencing a lot of people and creating loads of connections across countries etc.

Social Distancing

Gamers has been practicing social distancing for a long time and I seriously think that gaming has helped a lot of people – especially during these past months with the Corona virus.

The natural social distancing us gamers are used to when playing really comes in handy right now as we have a network of people across different games and platforms that we can talk to whenever we feel like it. Using Discord we can talk to people even if we aren’t gaming. Mentally, I’m sure that has been a big help to a lot of people – myself included.

The Online Community

It doesn’t have to be gamers only. It can be literally any platform online – it can be this platform, TikTok, Instagram or wherever you can communicate with people online.

I’ve met loads of people online during these lock-down months. Through gaming where I’ve used a lot of time playing the new Call of Duty Warzone, which is a free Battle Royale game mode. Playing random squads and talking to new people, getting new connections and staying connected to these people has been key for me – especially because of my injury which has forced me to stay at home and not being able to meet people like I’m used to.


Wrap Up

A lot of people are thinking of gaming as a “bad” hobby. Talking about how you’re not exercising or getting some fresh air and how it’s bad for you. Well, it might not be as healthy as going for a run but mental health wise it’s so important to a lot of people.

Mixing it up with a healthy lifestyle and exercise on the side I would recommend it to everybody. You don’t have to game 10 hours a day. You can do one hour of squad fills. Point is that it’s such an easy way to meet new people and grow an international community/network.

What’s your opinion on gaming?

Thanks for reading guys, I hope the rest of your weekend will be awesome!

Junior out.

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