You Can’t Do That Anymore, Rasmus

Hey guys,

Thanks for checking in.

Before you read this – my name is Rasmus. Just so you know πŸ™‚

So, today was a tough day. To give you some information on why, you have to know that I decided to make a career change last year. I decided to quit the office jobs and go to carpenter school. More jobs, I like the opportunities and the amount of jobs available in this area.

The accident

I nailed my first exam with an A+ but unfortunately I haven’t been able to go back to work due to me and my family being involved in a car accident back in February. I had such high hopes for this and I was really looking forward to be able to do this job.

The accident messed up my back and my neck area to the extend of me not being able to even clean the house, work out or anything else.

Testing, testing, testing…

I’ve been attending sessions with specialists, doctors and attended two x-ray scans but no luck. It started with something on the first scan but nothing on the second scan which led to me having some mental problems. It’s hard to cope with it all when the x-rays shows nothing. You quickly start to realize that you’re alone and that it might be a mental problem.

No more…

Today, I went to the doctor to have a follow-up check. He didn’t have good news for me. After some tests, he quickly went into it all and said that he wouldn’t recommend me going back to work as a carpenter. He simply told me that I cannot do that anymore.

The good thing is that he believed in my pain and that something is wrong. He assured me that he will be there for me if I have any questions – which I very much appreciated.

Another crushed dream

In the back of my mind I probably already knew this due to the amount of pain I’m in – but it still hurts. I had it all planned out with this job and this career – I wanted to go explore the world with my job and maybe even help rebuild communities wherever I would go. It would’ve been perfect and a great way to get the best of both worlds.

Wrap Up

Unfortunately, things do not always go according to plan. I’ve had several setbacks in my life – some minor and some massive. This situation right here might be the biggest one yet as it is effecting me both physically and mentally.

Just like many times before I will bounce back. I have a plan B and a plan C. I’ve signed up for a new education – technical design. It’s basically me who’ll be able to help design the constructions. I figured if I can’t help build them I might be able to design them.

I’m okay for now. I’ll be better. There are bigger issues in the world right now but I needed to write it down to get it out of my system and I want to thank you for reading.

I wish you a great weekend. Stay safe and treat each other nicely.

Take care,

Junior out.

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