What’s going on?

Hey guys,

Thanks for checking in.

This week has been crazy. America is rioting and fighting each other. I want to pay my respect to George Floyd and sent my regards to his friends, family and everybody who knew him. Nobody should go through what he and his family has gone through – another innocent life that’s been taken too soon.

Coming to Denmark

Being from Denmark, I’m far away from everything – physically. But, just like anybody else I can make a few clicks on my remote or pc and quickly see what state America is in right now. It’s been boiling for a long time and now it’s boiling over.

I’m not here to make political comments on anything. I’m here to say that we support you in Denmark. We have no idea what you’re actually going through. We’re trying to understand but it’s so far from our reality here. We try to comprehend what we see on the news and on social medias.

The demonstrations

Seeing the demonstrations in New York, Los Angeles, Minneapolis etc. gives me a weird feeling. I understand why people are mad – don’t get me wrong. I understand the protest and even though I’m not American I still want to see your country get better – because I love America, Americans and everything you and your country has to offer. I’ve visited your country twice – visited 6 states and I hope I can come back and visit you soon.


One thing I do not understand is how far people go during these demonstrations. Seeing how people are steeling from shops, burning cars and buildings is just too much. You’re disrespecting Mr Floyd and everybody else by doing this. You can easily demonstrate and show your feelings without hurting other people – the people of your community, the people who own the shops etc.

I have a dream…

… that everybody would be able to live together without having to kill or harm one another. It hurts whenever I see stories like this.

Unfortunately, I know this might never happen. People are too gready, filled with unjustified hate – hate, promoted and encouraged by certain high standing people and groups around the world. It’s never going to happen, but we must try.

Wrap Up

I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed that justice will be served for Mr. Floyd. I hope that his death will create some changes in the world and that the mentality towards people who are a bit different than you will change. It seems like an impossible dream but something you got to dream big.


May you rest in peace, Mr. Floyd. I hope your name and story will create loads of positive change to your country and the rest of the world.

Take care guys. Take care of each other. Be kind, be nice and show respect to your fellow human.

Junior out.

3 thoughts on “What’s going on?

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  1. American here…it is horrible and sad and a lot of us are questioning why. A lot of the destruction is being caused by people who are there just to make trouble or stir the pot. Some of the destruction is being caused by the police trying to disperse and dispense peaceful protests. Some of the destruction is being caused because of anger at the situation. None of it makes sense. What does make sense is that we need to wake up and see the racial divide, acknowledge it, and continue to try to fix it.

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    1. Thanks for commenting! I agree it’s a mix of a lot of bad decisions from both sides (meaning the destructions). It absolutely breaks my heart. I literally just sat watching videos from the protests.

      I hope your country does wake up soon and realize that you’re facing so many issues. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you. Take care of yourself!

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