Junior Who? Now vs then!

Hey guys,

Thanks for checking in.

The first post I ever made was a post about myself called Journey with Junior – who?

In this post I talked about who I am, my background and I really wanted to write this post to update that post. Now, I want to make a follow-up on some of the things I’ve experiences since and how I’ve grown.

Junior who?

A lot has happened since that post back in 2017. First of all I’m old now – 27 years old closing in on 28 in a few months. Time flies.

I’m pretty much the same guy. I still have a great passion for travelling, I still play the guitar and still pretend to be a singer once in a while. When Corona is gone I’ll be 120% back to who I was – still a Manchester United fan, still enjoy being with friends and family. I’ve cut down on social media and I’ve actually gone back to school.

I’m still the same. I still do the same things. What has happened in between 2017 and 2020 is another story. Let me share it with you!

Way, way back…

As mentioned in the first post I decided to move to Lisbon back in 2013 and stay there for some months. It was my first real move abroad and it was so exciting.

I wrote this post back in November 2018 called Nov. 17th, 2013, 5.50PM, Gate 8D. In this post I talked a bit about the area I lived in, the city and how I felt about the move. I wrote this 5 years after I’d moved there so it’ll have a great reflection. Feel free to read it if you like.


Dublin 1.0 –> Denmark

At the time of the first post I’d been in Dublin for three months. Back then I was working at Microsoft as a Process Executive. I loved Dublin. I still love Dublin. So much, I actually left and came back (more in the next section).

I ended up staying in Dublin for a bit more than a year before moving back to good old Denmark in 2018. I had to leave Dublin due to the high rent prices and lack of places to stay. I went back to Denmark to try find a job. I had a great apartment with The World Map.

Skærmbillede 2018-06-17 kl. 11.30.36

The jobless situation went on for about 11 months until I made the drastic decision of leaving Denmark once again.

Dublin 2.0 –> Denmark

December 2019. Two weeks before Christmas and I decided to let my mom and dad down once again and leave Denmark. They didn’t like. I was offered a second chance in Dublin. A chance to work at Google as a UXR Recruitment Coordinator. It was such a great opportunity that I had to take it.

I mentioned it in the previous section, in the “December 2019” post and in the post called 850 Euros in Aalborg vs Dublin I describe what kind of place you can get for 850 in Dublin vs my hometown. The rent and housing situation in Dublin is so bad. When I left Dublin back in 2018 I said to myself I would never go back – only as a tourist. You’d think I would actually learn from this but I didn’t.

Don’t get me wrong, the job was absolutely amazing. I got the change to work on the Google Play team and talk to developers from all over the world. As a gamer that’s a great job to have! They liked me there and I know I did a good job. Unfortunately, the living situation was so bad and it all resulted in one my recent posts called Leaving Dublin 2.0. Here I talk about why I moved back and why I left again.

I love Dublin but after the second time back I’m done with it. I’ll go back there as a tourist for sure because I still have a lot of friends there.

Who’s Junior now?

If you read the first about “Junior Who?” post I made a lot of spelling mistakes and my posts weren’t as fluent as they are now. Back then I thought a lot about how to write, what words to use etc., I don’t do that anymore.

My spoken English has improved 400% since my trips to Dublin. My written English is good – I think. I don’t use a dictionary anymore, I don’t look up words or phrases to use.

As a person I’m dealing with some stuff right now. I’m going through a time with a back injury after a car accident which is hard because it keeps me away from work. Mix that with Corona and you have complete isolation and loneliness. It’s hard. I have good days and I have real bad day. I’m trying to keep the posts on this page as open as possible because I need to have a place to express my every day feelings, thoughts and struggles.



Things are definitely going to get better. Right now I’m in a hole just like a lot of other people due to this whole Corons situation mixed with my injury but I’m going to bounce back and get better.

I’m making small adjustments every day and I try to stay as positive as possible. Some of the positivity I read from you guys in the comment section and other blogs is making me happy so thank you so for checking in and thanks for reading.

Take care,


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