The Corona Impact: Carnival Cancelled

Hey guys,

Thanks for checking in.

I wasn’t even supposed to write and/or post anything today but when I woke up today I hadn’t realized that today is the main day of the year in my hometown. Today is the annual carnival of Aalborg, Denmark.

Today is the day a lot of people are looking forward to every year. This is the day a lot of people start planning what’s supposed to happen a year from now. Actually, the whole week is insanely important to the city as there’s a lot of people from other cities and countries even coming to join us on this day.


Estimated 85.000 attendees

So, before you all go: “But why didn’t you realize that it was Carnival today, Rasmus?!”. Well, first of all I’ve spent the past three years abroad and also Corona happened. I’d literally just forgotten about it. I probably should’ve known as it is always happening during the end of May every year.

As mentioned this is a big deal. It involves a lot of people, planning and chaos. Last year the police estimated that 85.000 people had attended the carnival – with another 150.000 watching it from the sidelines. The carnival is actually on for about two weeks involving three main events:

  • The International Parade
  • The Childrens Parade
  • The “Star” or Main Parade

The international parade is a very beautiful show with loads of – as mentioned in the titel – international attendees. It’s a proper Carnival and a great show with loads of colours and happy people. Here’s a few pictures.




The childrens parade is for kids only and is quite fun to watch but it’s more of a “let’s focus on the kids before the grownups go crazy in a few days at the main event”-kind of situation.

The main event is a hectic and very chaotic but very fun event filled with happy people, alcohol, people dressed up, partying, having fun while listening to music and walking the streets. There are three main routes from where people can start and everybody ends up at the same place where the party continues with booked artists etc.

Here are some pictures. The first picture below is from one of the routes just before they start to flow together and the second picture is from when they flow together. Amazing.




The first Carnival was on May 28th 1983 and has been an ongoing event every year since. 2020 is the first time ever this amazing day has been cancelled – first time in 38 years. It’s very unfortunate but people do understand the situation we’re in with Covid-19 – so we all respect the decision.

It sucks, because it’s such a great day but we’re all looking forward to attending it next year on May 21st 2021. As I’m writing this there’s 370 days, 9 hours, 51 minutes and some seconds until it starts and we can’t wait!

Guys, a part of this whole thing is that I want to talk about my country and my hometown and promote what’s going on etc., who knows, maybe one day you’ll be joining the carnival! If you do, let me know!

Thanks for reading this – I hope you have a great weekend,

Junior out.

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