The “Corona-Cut” (Shocking Result)

Hey guys,

thanks for checking in!

About a week ago I wrote my first post in over a year called Corona made me come here… Obviously, this post is about Corona, me not having anything to do mixed with the feeling of wanting to express myself in here and be a part of this community again.

With the Coronavirus (Covid-19) taking over there are a lot of things we’ve been forced to take care of ourselves. Things we’d usually have professionals take care of for us. Things like cooking fancy dinners instead of eating out, figuring out creative ways to entertain outselves now that we can’t go out – but the biggest challenge for me has been to cut my own hair.

I’ve posted a picture at the end – the END RESULT WILL SHOCK YOU!! (this may or may not be clickbait?). A little teaser below and in the featured image.


What style would you like, Rasmus?

“Bro, I don’t know. Something like short on the sides and longer on top. Nothing fancy. Thanks man!”. 20 minutes later I’d be looking fresh and ready to fly for the next two weeks. Since I haven’t been able to do that since beginning of March I decided to go out and buy all the tools I needed to be able to cut myself – I mean, cut my own hair.

This is what I got:


It’s only four things but it’s literally all you need to cut your own hair.

Wrap up and end result!

Usually it would take 20 minutes when the hairdresser is cutting my hair. I’m not a hairdresser so it took me 1,5 hours the first time. Trying to get it all right but apparently my eye/hand coordination isn’t as good as I thought it was. Dude, it’s tough to cut your hair in the back – but I’ve been able to cut my own hair 4-5 times now which has saved me quite a lot of money and time actually! I’m down to about 30 minutes now and aim to be able to do it in 15-20 minutes – I guess that’ll be my goal while in quarantine.

It might not be perfect right now but it’s good enough for me and it’s free! Plus it’s something I’ve always wanted to do myself.

So, are you guys ready for the result? I might have joked a bit about the hairstyle and how bad it looks. If you ask me, I think I did a pretty good job. Below is a before/after shot – basically, before when I started to look like a caveman and after when I was looking… not… like a caveman I guess. HERE WE GO!


What do you think? Do I look like Jim Carrey or should I persue a career as my own personal hairdresser? Let me know in the comments!

Guys, that’s it. Thanks for checking in and have a wonderful weekend,

Junior out.

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