Our No Trust Society

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Have you ever had that person you want to trust but can’t? Or maybe you lack trust to the leaders of your country or just lack trust in general? You’re definitely not alone and I think times like now shows exactly why we live in a no trust society.Β 

Just because people don’t trust people doesn’t mean (they) don’t like them. There are lots of paranoid people in the world. You figure out their personalities and make them work
Samuel L. Jackson

Right now, we’re figuring out how to cope with the Coronavirus (Covid-19). It’s a big deal, I know. We’ve been very fortunate in Denmark but I know other countries are in a much worse shape than us – but we’ve still been in lockdown and we’ve still been dealing with the Coronavirus like any other country.

My mentality towards Covid-19

One of the main things we’re going to have to learn ourselves is how to trust again. The lack of trust towards some irrelevant things has been replaced with the lack of trust towards eachother.

How are we supposed to trust the people around us to “play it safe” when they’re around us? I haven’t been very strict when it comes to Covid-19 regulations – mainly because I’ve always cared a lot about hygiene and general health. It hasn’t been that big of a turnaround for me and the way I live. Except for the fact I can’t travel as much as I want.

Learning to trust again…

But, even though I don’t really think much about the consequences of getting hit by the virus I still think twice about what I do when I am around people – especially people I don’t know – simply because I know some people are more paranoid about this than I am. And I have a feeling that some people are seriously mentally hurt by this whole situation.

There are some paranoid people who’s going to have some trust issues when their society is starting to re-open. I can’t blame them. They’ve been watching the news, reports, videos, posts etc about how bad everything is, how bad everything has been and how long it’s going to take before we’re back to “normal”.

I’m sure this has triggered a lot of people and I’m sorry that people are going to get hit by this because I know it’s going to play a big part of the “new world” we’re going to live in.

Wrap Up

As a consequence of this we have to be careful of how we act around people. Doesn’t matter if it’s people you know or not. If you’re like me and don’t think too much about it because it’s a natural part of you to clean up yourself (this is not to sound condescending) and naturally follow the regulations, please just remember that some people don’t have the same mentality.

Some people are trying to get by and you can help these people by following the regulations when you’re out in public. Making sure other people are happy and that they feel safe will make our society learn how to trust eachother again.

It takes literally nothing for some people to make a huge difference for other people – keep that in mind!

What’s your opinion on the Coronavirus (Covid-19) and how are things going in your country? Are you safe? Are you happy with how things has worked out during the last months?

Let me know in the comment section because I really want to know.


Thank you again for stopping by, take care and stay safe,

Junior out.

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