Leaving Dublin 2.0

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If you’re reading this and thinking: “Why haven’t I heard anything from Junior for a long time?” or if you’re just an excited new reader, please read my latest post Corona made me come hereโ€ฆ to read why I came back and what has happened during the past 6 months.

Dublin –> Aalborg

So, if you’ve followed me since I started and before I went AWOL you might know I lived in Dublin when I did my last post. I’ve actually moved to and left Dublin twice – and now I’m back in Aalborg, Denmark (hometown).

You can find some of my posts about Dublin right here:

Why did you move back?

I moved back to Dublin because I had the opportunity to join Google as a UXR Researcher on their Google Play team and I simply couldn’t say no – also, I had nothing to do in Denmark so it was an easy choice to move back there.

I was back there for quite a while and I found a place in Portobello which is an amazing area in the southern part of Dublin surrounded by water, close to the city center and close to the Luas (main transportation in Dublin) which would lead me directly to the Google office.

Here’s a picture of Portobello.


Why did you leave?

My apartment was in the buildings on the left on the first picture. So, as you can see it is a beautiful area and it was literally 5 minutes away from the place I lived the first time, so I knew the area. I had my first beer in Dublin 2 mins away from there.

I had a great job with amazing opportunities but I just realized and remembered quickly from my first tour to Dublin that I’d spend more than 50% of my salary on rent – for a room. Not for an apartment but for a room. Not a good room but a room that’s fulfilling the bare minimum of standards.

My room had it’s own bathroom and it was actually a fair size room. Only problem was that I had to share the house with people who’d already taken ownership of the house as they’d bee there for 6 years – so you really felt that you were moving into someones house (even though they rented it too). They had rules, ways of living etc., which is fair but unfortunately they didn’t listen to new inputs from the new person moving in – we’re all different and live differently so you need to be able to listen to other people.

I was paying 970 euros/month for this room. 970 EUROS PER MONTH. And you know what – the shower in the bathroom didn’t have warm water half the time due to the water being heated by an ancient boiler – a boiler that was controlled by the people I lived with as it was located next to their room on the third floor. My room was at first floor which was terrible.

Why did you leave?

I already knew this and I was actually prepared for it when I moved there. I wouldn’t mind it if it was livable and in decent shape but it just wasn’t. Unless you make 50k euros/year or if you’re a couple you can’t afford something decent. Right now I’m paying about 500 euros/month for my own 2-bed, 65 m2 apartment in the middle of the City Centre. Hot water whenever I want. This is why it’s so hard to settle for less when living in Dublin and this was actually the main reason to why I left.

Wrap Up

If Ireland ever decides to put more rent pressure zones and capping the amount landlords can charge you I would consider moving back but as long as it’s like it is I’ll only consider it being my home away from home.

I love Dublin and I love everything about Ireland, the Irish people and really do consider it being my second home as I have many friends and great memories from there, but now I’m back in Denmark and going back to school which will (hopefully) keep me grounded for a bit.

That’s it. There it is. The reason why I left Dublin.

If you’re new here and like my posts feel free to leave a comment and/or follow the blog – I hope to see more of you around.


Take care,

Junior out.






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