St. Patrick’s Day

Hey Guys,

Thanks for checking in.

I just wanted to write a quick post here wishing all of you a happy St. Patrick’s Day. I know it was technically yesterday, but the Bank Holiday isn’t until today here in Ireland – and honestly, I was super hungover yesterday…


St. Paddy’s Day is always a funny day. I didn’t really go out as I’m working today, so we went out on Saturday instead to watch the Six Nations (Rugby tournament).

Unfortunately, Ireland didn’t win, but we still had a great day. Went to the pub at 12.30pm and didn’t go home until 11pm, which was great. Loads of people. Different nationalities, different beers and loads of opportunities to meet new people.

Any who, I’ll finish off with one of my favourite Irish blessings.

 May you always find blue skies above your head,
shamrocks beneath your feet,
laughter and joy aplenty, 
kindness from all you meet, 
good friends and kin to miss you,
if ever you choose to roam, 
and a path that’s been cleared by angels themselves,
to carry you safely home!



Take care,

Junior out.

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