A December to Remember

Hey Guys,

Thanks for checking in.

WOW! It has been almost two months since my last post here and I don’t know where time has gone?! So much has happened since the start of December!

What Have I Been Up To?

So, most of you guys who have my previous posts know that I’ve been dreaming of moving abroad again. You know what I did? I moved abroad again!

I left Denmark for the 3rd time, but this time it wasn’t to somewhere unfamiliar – I went back to Dublin, Ireland. The place I left just 9 months earlier. I simple regretted moving in the first place and moving back here was a natural step for me.

So, I moved out of my apartment in Denmark and 2 weeks later I landed my new job as a Google User Experience Recruiter (formal title is so much longer).

Since then, I’ve been back home for Christmas and also celebrated New Year’s here in Dublin once again.

The Move

So, the move here was pretty straight forward. I already had my official documents done from my first time here and all I basically had to do was find a place to stay – which can be tricky but it’s a lot easier if you know the city.

I’ve been super lucky! I stayed in a hostel for a week and I quickly found an ensuite double bedroom in my favorite part of Dublin – Portobello.

Portobello is amazing. It’s literally 2 minutes away from Camden Street and 4 minutes away from my old apartment on Camden Street Lower. In Portobello there’s a canal so loads of fresh air and most importantly – water!

Here are two pictures from the area.



Wrap Up

Beautiful isn’t it? I love the area and I’m happy to live here!

Guys, I’m sorry I haven’t been uploading more. I’m finally settled in Dublin – again – and I will try to update this page more regularly!

Thanks for reading,

Take care!

Junior out.

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