If Only I Could…

Hey Guys,

Thanks for checking in.

I’ve actually wanted to write this post for quite some time now. I’m not sure why I haven’t done it yet. I’m not even sure what to write. I’m not even sure what kind of feeling it is that I want to describe – but let’s give it a go.

If Only I Could…

If only I could describe why I’m leaving Denmark once again. If only I could describe why I decide to once again leave my friends and family behind and go live in a different country. A country where my friends and family will have to take a flight – or be really good at swimming – to even come visit me.

The issue is not to describe that feeling to myself. I’m all cool about it and ready to seize the day and move again. The issue is describing that exact feeling to someone who hasn’t been travelling and/or tried to move to another country.

If only I could…


The best word to describe that feeling is probably “addiction“. I know it probably has a bad reputation. You might think of drugs, alcohol or shopping when you think of addictions (yea, I had to mention shopping) but you can get addicted to good things as well – travelling, adrenalin, exploring, discovering, meeting new people, visiting places you’ve never visited – etc.

For me, I’m addicted to being able to stand on my feet. I love the feeling of not knowing. I love the feeling of being myself. The fact that I can move to a new country and basically start a brand new life. I can be a brand new Rasmus. I can twist my personality in a new way and no one would know.

Doesn’t it sound amazing?

Skærmbillede 2018-07-12 kl. 13.23.00

Now Knowing

“I love the feeling of not knowing”. I know some people will think I’m crazy because of that sentence but it’s the truth.

I truly believe that everyone should try moving abroad. I truly believe that most people, even those who says otherwise, will love it. I truly believe everyone can get addicted to exploring. I truly believe that even though you do not believe me, you will love meeting new people – you might not love the idea of it now, but once you get there and try it – I truly believe you will love it.

Just like I do.

Doesn’t It Sound Cool?

I mean, who doesn’t like having loads of friends. Who doesn’t like to have a big network. To me, it’s cool to be able to say “I have friends in (insert awesome country), (insert awesome city), and (insert another awesome country). I met this guy on a hostel in Dublin, Ireland when I moved there…”. 

Doesn’t it sound cool?

I can actually use that sentence. When I moved to Dublin the first time I stayed in a hostel for the first three weeks before I found an apartment.

My sentence sounds like this:


After those three weeks in that hostel in Dublin, I now have a friend in Cape Town, another friend in Germany and one guy I still talk to once in a while from Belgium. All because of me interacting with these people while I was in a hostel – same as them. They all travelled alone. So did I. We talked. And now we’re friends”.

OMG THAT IS A FREAKING COOL STORY, don’t you think? This guy on your right thinks so.

And guess what. I’m doing this exact same thing again on Friday.


Take care,

Junior out.

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