A Second Chance

Hey Guys,

Thanks for checking in!

So, it has finally happened. I’ve been given a second chance. A second chance to move to, work in and live in Ireland. If you’ve been following this blog you know that I left Dublin earlier this year and I’ve regretted it ever since. I’ve been given a second chance to take on this amazing opportunity that is Dublin – and this time I will not mess it up.

I already talked about the decisions I’ve had to made lately and I covered it on another post.

A Career Change

Previously, I’ve been doing quite a lot of customer service and sales roles. The reason for that is I really like doing it. I like helping and talking to new people every day and I get to do that in roles like that.

But, this time I’ve actually made a career change and I’ll be joining a role and a job I’ve never tried before. It’s within UX or User Experience and I’ll be a UXR Recruitment Coordinator for Google. Which is pretty cool.

A Long Time Coming

I cannot wait to get started. Meet the new team and just get back to working.

It really has been aΒ long time coming. I haven’t been working since I moved back to Denmark in April and I’ve hated it. I probably have to admit that it was good to be home with my friends and family but living abroad and exploring is all I care about and I’ve made that happen once again.

It’s time to get a move on. Meet new people. Explore new environments and take on new challenges – all things I’m very, very good at.

It’s a Wrap Up

I just wanted to share some good news with you guys. I’m probably going to take a little break from the blog but I’ll be back – stronger, shorter, happier.

Stay tuned!


Take care,

Junior out.



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