Fingers Crossed & Decisions to Make

Hey Guys,

Thanks for checking in!

As mentioned in my post yesterday I also had an interview yesterday – so keep your fingers crossed! I think it might be my last chance of moving to Amsterdam with a job that I actually want as I want to work in the travel industry. I know I’ll keep my own fingers crossed.

Coming in hot…

I still have some massive decisions to make. And I need to make them soon. I need to be out of my apartment here in Denmark by December 1st – so soon!

I really thought I would’ve been somewhere in the world by November 1st and now we’re, unfortunately, closing in on December pretty quick and I don’t have any plans yet which is kind of stressing me out, I guess.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam is my #1 destination. I would like to go back to Dublin but it’s crazy expensive to live there (I know Amsterdam isn’t cheap either). I have loads of places I want to go but honestly I’m looking to move somewhere where it’ll be easy for me to visit home and for people to visit me whenever they want – which is why Amsterdam is great as there are direct flights (1h20m flight time) – amazing, right?

What if…?

What if I do not have a place to go by December 1st and I have to leave my apartment? Sure, I can go home to my parents but that’s far from the plan – I need to do something now. I’ve been in between jobs for way to long.

There are places like Athens, Barcelona, Malaga, Malta – or even go back to Lisbon where I lived back when I wasn’t as close to 30 years old as I am now…

I’ve always regretted the way I left Lisbon and Portugal in general. I regret that I didn’t really travel around the country and the fact that I never really settled down down there. So maybe that’s an option but unfortunately there aren’t many opportunities down there – except for the company I swore I wouldn’t go back to (long story).

Interested in more like this?

So, this was actually quite a long post and I really just wanted to post some more of my previous posts here that’ll motivate some of you guys to maybe make the same choice – of moving abroad!

I present to you the top 5 personal favorites – feel free to get lost:

Wrap Up

No matter what I still need to make some massive decisions. I have plans of travelling the World and I’ll probably never really settle down somewhere specific. Issue for me is that I want to live a place where I can still be “close” to home – which excludes a lot of places due to my hometown not being the biggest city in Denmark.

I’m hoping I hear back from the company in Amsterdam within this week so I can really focus on enjoying the last months time in Denmark before leaving once again.


Take care,

Junior out.




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