Dealing with Speedbumps

Hey Guys,

Thanks for checking in.

I’ve been taking some breaks from the blog as I’ve been super busy doing interviews with potential employers abroad – yes, I’m moving again!

But, life as an “in between jobs”-expat isn’t funny. There are loads of speedbumps and other stuff that you need to overcome on a daily basis.

Stuff like notice period on the apartment, deciding where to go, deciding where not to go and doing interview etc. are just some of the things that I’m dealing with every day at the moment.

A Months Work

So, I’ve been in between jobs for way to long now and it’s killing me. The only positive thing that has happened (work wise) is that I’ve finally taken the step and made the decision of moving abroad again – this time I’m, hopefully, going to Amsterdam.

Unfortunately, I’ve just “wasted” a whole month of my time focusing on one company in Amsterdam. I did 3 interviews and last week I was waiting for the company get back to me regarding if they wanted to hire me or not.

Then, on Thursday I saw a post on LinkedIn and Facebook saying that the company had filed for bankruptcy due to some issues with their sponsors or something like that. It really came as a chock and kinda stunned me because I’d almost already bought the flight ticket to Amsterdam.. Also, I hadn’t had any feeling or hadn’t been told that it might happen, so I actually started doubting everything.

“We Didn’t Know…”

What do you do when you’re waiting for a call back to hear if you were to be offered a position in an amazing company in a great city – but you read on social media that the company has filed for bankruptcy before they call you back?

Well, you sent them an e-mail asking what’s going on and why no-one had called you. During the call back I learned that they wanted to hire me which is why they didn’t call me asap. They wanted to double check if they really had to file for bankruptcy or if they would “survive”.

The recruiters simply didn’t know. The CEO or more important people in the company hadn’t told them that they might shut down. What’s that about?

Not only did I waste a month on this one company. The company had also directly mislead and not informed their employees – the recruiters were basically wasting their time talking to me and vise versa.

Dealing with Speedbumps

This was a major speedbump and I was so annoyed and sad about how it all happened. Speedbumps and setbacks are a part of life but that doesn’t mean it gets easier to deal with it. Fortunately, I’ve some experience dealing with it, so I’ve quickly moved forward and I have another interview today – in half an hour.. So, I should probably focus on that, right?

Any who, take your time to get over the setbacks and realize that life goes on. That’s the best advice I can give anyone out there.

Let’s finish off with a quote?

“When life’s road has pot holes and speedbumps… It makes you a better driver”

Take care,

Junior out.


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