A Memorial Post

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So, if you know a bit about recent history you probably know what today is. Today is a sad day. A day to remember and to fear at the same time.


Today, in 2001, the World was changed forever and even though I’m not American I still pay my respect every year.

Two Towers – One History

Of course, I’m talking about the 9/11 terrorist attack where a couple of cowards hijacked two planes and hit the World Trade Centers in New York City. Two towers with one history to share. A sad day indeed, but today is also a day to celebrate the people who lost their lives.

But how can we do that? How are we supposed to turn a tragic episode into something good?

9/11 Memorial

In August I visited New York City with my family and I visited the 9/11 Memorial.


When I visited the Memorial I came to the realization that people like Donald LaRoy Adams, Thomas Barnes Reinig and Daniel W. Song together with 2.816 others are remembered every day in the most perfect way.

“No day shall erase you from the memory of time”

I was so surprised to see the Memorial. All the people there were so respectful. Nobody were loud or caused any problems. People took their pictures and you could see how everybody wanted to pay respect towards the victims.

Wrap Up

I’ve been paying my respect every year by starting the day off with 2 minutes of silence. 1 minute for each tower.

This year, I’ve added this post to my memorial towards this day.

We cannot get the people back and the date – 9/11 – will forever be a day to remember. But the best part is that these people are remembered every day. Not only by their family and friends, but also by the 9/11 Memorial in New York City which is so perfect and really beautiful.

I’m proud and glad that I’ve visited the Memorial. Even though I’m not American I still pay my respect and I think everybody should do the same.

Rest in Peace.


Take care,

Junior out.


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    1. Hi, pinsforthewins!

      Sorry to hear about your aunt. I appreciate you stopping by and sharing your thought here.

      Take care and God bless,
      Rasmus / Junior.


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