A Tipper’s Nightmare

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So, I really just wanted to share something that really shocked me, when I went to the US with my family last month.

As mentioned in previous posts, we’d already visited the US once back in 2016, so we didn’t really think much about it but this time it went out of hand.

I don’t know if it’s because of the East coast being more touristy than the West coast, but we were really surprised about the tipping-mentality this time.


“What about me, what about me?!”

Is exactly what one of the waitresses on one of our hotels said when we hadn’t tipped her for her (lack of) service. The hotel was in Washington D.C. and called The Wink hotel.

She (the waitress) had done absolutely nothing except for taking our order and removing our plates – even one of the other waitresses had to bring us coffee. So we thought it was “fair” not to give her any tips.

So, we wanted to charge the bill to our room but when she came over to take the check away she just stood there and pointed at it, saying: “what about me, what about me?!”. We were so surprised by her reaction and was shocked to see that she didn’t want to take away the check until we’d left her some tips.

Therefore, we left her absolute minimum tips and left. I already wrote this in a review of the hotel and expect them to come back as soon as possible.

Any who, we didn’t eat there again and we actually got pretty angry about it.


Asian Hospitality

This was far from the only episode where we faced this hostility towards us if we hadn’t tipped the waiter/waitress.

To take another example. The same day as the breakfast-situation, as mentioned above, we wanted to eat out, so we visited the Asian restaurant across the street from the hotel.

The food was alright, even though some of it was still cold when they served it + they served the wrong food to my brother. Any who, the staff was kinda annoying as they didn’t smile or anything like that, so once again we didn’t feel like tipping.

But, when we (my mom) had to pay, she needed her inside because she needed her pin to charge her card – obviously. But then something crazy happened…

When my mom had paid for the food and drinks, the waitress took out her calculator and told my mom that she had  to tip her. So, with her calculator, she added an additional 15% tip – without even asking if it was okay – and wanted us to leave the money on the table before leaving.

It was a crazy situation and we did not want to tip them at all – especially, because of the way they acted inside. So we bailed. We had already paid for everything, but as they wanted us to leave the tip afterwards, we left without tipping them.

Wrap Up

I’ve been a bartender for two years. I know the “rules”. They are really simple. If you’re not doing anything else than what you have to, then we do not tip you. I don’t know what you guys’ opinion is on this but that’s not how we do it.

A life quote that suits this is really: “You don’t get what you want, you get what you deserve”.

What’s your opinion on this guys? Let me know below!


Take care,

Junior out. 39937530_10214101737311430_8738776546203926528_o.jpg



11 thoughts on “A Tipper’s Nightmare

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  1. Part of the issue in the US is that waiters and waitresses aren’t paid minimum wage and their tips supplement their pay rate. I have never been to the east coast, but it’s very rare to have a waiter ask for the tip in the Midwest

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey!
      Thanks for commenting! As mentioned, I’ve been a bartender for two years so I know the feeling of having to supplement my pay rate!
      But we were just so shocked about her behaviour and no matter how much you need it – you never ask for it like that! 🙂

      Take care!


    1. Hi, thanks for commenting. I know tips are a big deal. I got paid real bad while being a bartender so I know the feeling. But if you do not do anything to deserve your tip, I’m not gonna give it to you – and I didn’t expect people to give me tips unless I did something “special”


      1. I concur. Many foreign visitors often are not aware of how a service worker earns income when the visit. My point was it to note the pay. You and I both know we knew of we deserved a tip. Unfortunately, it becomes predictable based on demographics and the ethics of the service worker. Like most in that biz then, I just pissed and smoked cash after with the chefs so I got out before I got too far in to leave. $2.15 to me borders exploitation. It is better now. At the end of the meal I know who fuckec up. Sometimes it is the chef of they feel like fucking you on tips all night or I was hungover.


  2. The wealthiest people are the worst tippers. Maybe the meaning of money is lost on them at on point. A drunk salaryman is the best. The junior exec. has to pay the whole bill and wants to impress.


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