Birthday Post

Hey Guys,

Thanks for checking in.

Oh… My… God it has been a while since I’ve posted anything here.

To be honest, I had a “writer’s block”-period but now I’m back and refueled. Also, I’ve been in the United States for 3 weeks and just returned. I wish I’d written some more over there as I actually had a little dream of writing a post whilst sitting in Central Park in New York – unfortunately, I didn’t do that.

BUT! I have a lot of cool pictures I would love to show you guys, so make sure you follow my blog so you can see/read more about my recent trip to the US.

It’s My Birthday!

I literally just turned 26 as I’m writing this post as I was born on 22.05 (Danish timezone) which is pretty cool. 26 years ago I came to this World of ours – isn’t that a crazy thought?

So, happy birthday to me!

Any who, the day was really relaxing as I hadn’t really planned anything. I went out to drink coffee with one of my best friends followed by a quick leg-day session in the gym. Fortunately, my folks came over for dinner. They just left so now I’ve got the time to leave a post here 😉

The Best Present

My parents gave me the best present you can give me – a journey to the US.

We spent three weeks travelling around the US – visiting New York City, Washington D.C. and Florida. We drove around Florida for a couple of weeks otherwise just on foot in NYC and D.C.

I don’t really need much in my life. As I’ve grown older I’ve come to realize that I need to explore and discover more – which is amazing. We live in a World where travelling is getting easier and easier.

The Decision

As I have decided not to go abroad to live (right now) I really need these trips otherwise I’m gonna lose it. If I don’t get to explore I feel like I’m wasting my time. I just need to teach and convince myself that I need to stay at home right now and focus on what I want to do – apparently, we need to figure that out at some point according to the World.

I don’t agree… But that we can talk about in another post.

Wrap Up

Just a quick post from me, to let you guys know I’m still alive!

I hope you would like to follow my blog here as I will be sharing some pretty cool stuff during the next few weeks.

So tune in and follow! No pressure 😉


Take care,

Junior out.

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