Job Interview

Hey guys,

Thanks for checking in!

I’ve been in between jobs for about three months now and I hate it. I’ve been applying for jobs that’ll make me want to stay in Denmark.

Today, a company invited me to interview for a sales job.

Located within 5 minutes of my apartment, a young and international company – everything I want in a company.

I think it went well. I told them I’m going on holiday in 12 days and won’t be back until end of August. They told me I would get an answer before my holiday starts, so keep your fingers crossed.


Gym & Cooldown

After the interview I hit the gym. Sweaty as always because of the crazy warm weather still harassing Denmark.

To cool down I went for a little bike ride to visit our local bathing place – Vestre Fjordpark – which is quite amazing. Next to the water it actually will cool you down if you go there. Which is perfect for me. Hah.

Just have a look at these pictures – it’s quite an amazing place to be right now.

Anyways, I will keep my fingers crossed. Hopefully, you guys will be doing the same thing.

Take care,

Junior out.



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My name is Rasmus, I'm a Danish guy who wants to share every thought, dream and struggle about my life.

Via trips abroad as an expat to London, Lisbon and must recently Dublin I've gained some experiences that I would like to share.

I play the guitar, sing, love to travel, spent time with my friends and family and I'm a big Manchester United fan.

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    • 13 months?! Wow, that’s a long time but congratulations on your new job! Hopefully, I will find the same 😉

      Take care!


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