Job Interview

Hey guys,

Thanks for checking in!

I’ve been in between jobs for about three months now and I hate it. I’ve been applying for jobs that’ll make me want to stay in Denmark.

Today, a company invited me to interview for a sales job.

Located within 5 minutes of my apartment, a young and international company – everything I want in a company.

I think it went well. I told them I’m going on holiday in 12 days and won’t be back until end of August. They told me I would get an answer before my holiday starts, so keep your fingers crossed.


Gym & Cooldown

After the interview I hit the gym. Sweaty as always because of the crazy warm weather still harassing Denmark.

To cool down I went for a little bike ride to visit our local bathing place – Vestre Fjordpark – which is quite amazing. Next to the water it actually will cool you down if you go there. Which is perfect for me. Hah.

Just have a look at these pictures – it’s quite an amazing place to be right now.

Anyways, I will keep my fingers crossed. Hopefully, you guys will be doing the same thing.

Take care,

Junior out.

4 thoughts on “Job Interview

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    1. 13 months?! Wow, that’s a long time but congratulations on your new job! Hopefully, I will find the same πŸ˜‰

      Take care!


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