Running Out of Words To Write?

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We all know the feeling of not having any new stuff to write about. You might have days where you are totally blank and cannot come up with new topics to write about.

Therefore, I want to give you my 5 tips on how I get inspired and how I come up with new stuff to write about. I sometimes run out of ideas too and I guess this would be a great reminder to myself as well πŸ˜‰

Here we go!

Read Other Blogs

It is no secret that there are loads of other amazing blogs out there. Finding inspiration from other writers or even vloggers is easy. All you gotta do is browse through the internet, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

We have an amazing tool called Social Media where everybody is sharing everything – you should be able to find some inspiration if you look for it.


Instrumental Inspiration

If you, like me, play an instrument it can be useful to play a few songs. Listen to the lyrics and the story behind the song. That way, you might actually be able to come up with some inspiration. I like to find inspiration in songs by Ed Sheeran (my favorite artist) or older songs. Songs that actually tell a story, which new music tend not to.

I’m not saying it’s going to give you an apifiny, but it might give you something to look in to.

Write A Review

I started reading. Since I gave myself a challenge about a month ago I’ve read 1,5 books. So far it has given some personal aspects to look into and maybe that will give me something to write about. At the moment I’m reading what I’ve got on my bookshelf – so autobiographies by footballers. Hah.

Anyway, reading books or watching movies might give you another perspective on things to write about. And, you can always write longer review posts of the books.

Unplug & Go Outside

Sometimes, you need to step outside, get some air, and remind yourself who you are and who you want to be

Going outside to get some fresh air might do a whole lot more than rebooting your brain.

Feeling the fresh air, listening to your surroundings, seeing people and/or animals – maybe meeting new people can give you a new boost of inspiration. You might see something on your “journey“. Something you can write about. Something you want to tell others about.

So go outside and feel the inspiration come to you. It’s a lot better than sitting around at home waiting for the inspiration to get through the windows.

Also, if you like, you can always bring your laptop outside and write your posts down. Just like I did when I went to cooldown by the water. It’s an amazing way of multitasking – fresh air and being productive at the same time. SCORE!


Dream your a** off. What is more creative than dreaming? Dreaming about something you’d like, something you really want is probably the most creative state of mind you can ever experience.

Travelling, the future, mistakes made in the past or whatever – all things that can give you a spark of inspiration. At least I hope so. Sometimes, I like to go outside, lay on my couch, or look at my World map with music playing which takes my creativity to a whole new level.

There’s nothing wrong with dreaming. Especially not, if it help you find your creative side – so dream away!!

Wrap Up

Hopefully, this can help some of you guys to find some new inspiration. Of course, you can start by reading my posts here on

If you need inspiration, here are some of my other posts:

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Take care guys,

Junior out.

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