My Top 5 Tips On Packing

Hey Guys,

Thanks for checking in!

Today I want to give you my 5 tips on how to pack. Most of these tips are useful for both travelling with suitcase/backpack or just backpack.

Here we go!

Roll It Up

This is hopefully not the first time you hear this. Rolling up your clothes instead of just layer them flat will automatically create more space in your suitcase or backpack.

Also, if you ask me – rolled up clothes is a lot easier to pack. When I do this, I feel my clothes are less wrinkled – which is a plus!

Plan Ahead

I’m not a big planner myself. Actually, I don’t like it. But when it comes to packing my suitcase or my backpack I know how much weight means, which is why I would do it.

Planning your clothes from what the weather is going to be like, how long you’re away etc. will help you create more space in your carry-on. Also, if you plan your stuff right, you’ll have room for more souvenirs, haha.

So plan a bit ahead and you’ll quickly figure out how much it’s going to help you out!

Fill Up Them Shoes

I don’t know a lot of people doing this, so I figured it would be a good tip to have.

I hope you do this already otherwise you have quite a bit of unused space in your luggage. Filling up your shoes, e.g. with socks or hairproducts will automatically add more space other places.

Don’t Bring

This kind of work together with the planning part. Unless youย really need it, don’t pack it. I’m probably never going to bring a lot of products or pack too much clothes. This is really a thing to think about – do you really need, or worst case scenario, can you buy it wherever you’re going? If you can buy it at your holiday destination, why don’t just do that?

“Going on a trip. Need about 4 outfits. I’ve packed 35 just in case.”

Here, I’m thinking stuff like shampoo, deodorant etc. Products you can purchase everywhere for no money.

In the end everything comes down to weight. If it weighs too much, you have to trash something anyways.

1 + 1 Concept

So, the 1 + 1 concept is basically 1 bag and 1 suitcase.

There are two kinds of travellers – 1 + 1 travellers and backpackers. If you know you’re going somewhere, consider if you actually need that extra suitcase or if you can settle with just your backpack.

Suitcases are expensive. Also, if you only travel with your backpack, you can get out of the airport so much faster.

If you’re going somewhere with just your backpack and you figure out you need a suitcase to bring all of your extra stuff back – then you can probably buy a cheap bag or suitcase at your destination and then pay for the suitcase when flying back.

Not only can you get out of the airport faster, you pay less money (only spending money on the suitcase one way) – and we all know, money saved is money earned.

I just purchased some stuff from Amazon including a new travel backpack. You read more about that right here!

Wrap Up

I know this might not come as a surprise for many of you but I wanted to do this post anyway. Also as a reminder to myself. As some of you know I’m going to America in 19 days with my family and I needed to remind myself about the golden rules of packing.

Hopefully, this was of help to you guys!


Take care,

Junior out.

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