Why Returning Home Is Hard

Hey Guys,

Thanks for checking in.

Today, I realized it has been three months since I left Dublin and moved back to Denmark. Therefore, I wanted to write a little post about returning home, the thoughts behind it and my feelings about moving back.

This post is going to contain serious and personal thoughts – but that’s the whole point of this blog – so hang on tight!

When you just want to…

… Travel. It is super hard to pack your bags and go home. It’s not that I did travel a whole lot while I was in Ireland, but I was abroad. I was an international person. I was travlling even though I was there to try and start a career. It was another way of travelling – a way that I really like.

I might be in Dublin, working 40+ hours a week, but so am I back here in Denmark. Unfortunately, it is not as easy to find a job here as it is abroad. Especially, if you’re willing to move for the job.

The sad truth is…

…I think I have 50+ connections abroad that can get me a job in another country by monday if I wanted to.

Now, I’ve been home for three months and I still haven’t managed to find a job. Thank God we have a good “deal” in Denmark when you’re unemployed so I really cannot complain about it. But I do.

Imagine it being harder to get a job in your own country than if I wanted to work abroad. I’m trying really hard to find a job that I find interesting and a job that will keep me here. Some people will probably say I’m not trying hard enough as there are “loads of jobs out there”. Yea right.

I went back because of…

…My friends and family. Obviously, the reason why I moved home was because of my friends and family. Nothing else would keep me here and I know some of you guys reading this (friends and family) might not want to hear this, but it’s the truth.

If it wasn’t for them, Denmark probably would never see this face again 😉

The future is…

…Hopefully going to be in Denmark. Despite my desire to travel and what’s mentioned above I really want to succeed in this country too. Finding a job that will allow me to grow as a person, create results and make my money to travel and explore more.

The last thing I want to say is that…

…I know you’re probably asking yourself why all I talk about is travelling. And maybe you think, I think too much of travelling. Well, to that I just want to say – haven’t you ever had dreams besides work? Dreams and goals you wanted to achieve? It could be anything – lose weight, get good grades, get that specific job or whatever. The way you’re feeling about your goal is exactly the way I feel about mine.

I know I share the same passion and dream with millions and millions of people, so I’m not afraid to be judge by future employers by saying: I dream of travelling – constantly! 

Some employers are going to admire that motivation – I just need to find them 😉


Thank you guys for reading.

Take care,

Junior out.


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