Travel Pack from Amazon

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Today was a very excited day. Hah. Let me explain.

Before I moved to Dublin, I’d never used Amazon. I quickly figured out that Amazon is the way to do shopping and I’ve purchased I don’t know how many things from there during the last year and a half.

Before I moved, Amazon didn’t deliver to Denmark but they recently started doing so and I’m super excited. I’ve already purchased a few things and on friday, I did it again…



I “needed” a few things for our upcoming trip to America in 26 days (!!!) from today. So here’s what I purchased this time.

Obs, I’m putting in links at every product, so you can find it on Amazon too!

Defway Passport Holder/Travel Organiser

This product is amazing. It’s real simple and pretty cheap plus it will help you out sorting your passports, documents etc. when travelling.

It’s quite the perfect size and it has so many pockets that you can probably get lost in it.

It holds 4 passports (on the left side), has 5 pockets for different cards, a pocket for coins and also a big pocket with for notes or travel documents – both with zippers. Also, it has a keychain (you can click that off if you don’t want it).

Quality is great, it’s super light and it’s RFID blocking. Oh, and if you do not like it, there warranty says:

If you are unsatisfied with its performance for any reason within 1 year, send it back to us for your money back. Don’t hesitate! You deserve to travel with a peace of mind and elegant posture!

Quite awesome if you ask me.




Syncwire USB Wall Charger

We all travel. We all take pictures. We all have our phones and other electronics with us. These electronic devices needs to be charged.

I stumbled upon this syncwire wall charger and I’m super happy I bought it – 5 stars with 3000+ customer reviews says it all.

This charger is super light – 191 grams, compact, and it charges with super speed 😀

You can bring it for your travels in the EU, UK and US. With the 4 ports it will allow you to charge all of your devices via one charger – amazing!

Obs, it’s on sale right now (50%)!20180709_1447004730585310495477184.jpg


Travel Laptop Backpack

I’ve actually been wanting this bag for a long time but never really came around to buy it. I’ve had a bag for years. A bag that has been with me for all of my travels. Unfortunately, this bag is falling apart and won’t last another trip abroad. So it’s been upgraded to my new gym bag and therefore I needed a new bag!

This bag is super cool. You can pick between three colors. First of all it’s slim lightweight, it has so much room for my laptop and other travel items. You can attach your power bank to the bag and charge your devices via this cool external USB port on the side of the bag.

With lockable metal zippers, a hidden anti-theft pocket and it being water resistant makes it perfect for travelling – I can’t wait to bring it to the States next month.



Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Travelist

“The 500 best places on the planet…ranked”.

It’s not really a product I’m gonna bring on my holidays but it sure looks good next to my world map. A book full of motivation and inspiration for the travels to come.

I will be surprised if I can’t find a destination or two I would love to visit – I already found a couple 😀



Wrap Up

I love spending money on travel stuff. And I love using it. This is a great hobby and I can’t wait to see where I can bring these things.

What’s your favorite travel item? Let me know, I might get inspired 😉

Take care guys,

Junior out.

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