The Perfect Day!

Hey Guys,

Thanks for checking in!

Yesterday I had an amazing day. It was just one of those days where everything was great, you know? I got to crush it at the gym, watched live football, spent time with my family and also had time to read and relax.

I shot a few pictures to show inclusive behind the scenes pictures of Journeywithjunior, hah.

Here we go!

My Morning

My morning started out with breakfast. Oatmeal, raisins, milk, coffee and of course my Roy Keane – The Autobiography book!

35 pages later I’d had plenty of time to relax, wake up and get ready for my “morning” run.



Yes, I’m very proud of my reading corner. The best place in the apartment besides my work place, picture coming up 😉


Workout In An Oven

So, in Denmark, we’ve had an incredible summer so far. Above 25 degrees pretty much every day (77 degrees fahrenheit), which is crazy hot. And also something we aren’t used to here – at least not for that long. It’s been going on for a few months now.

Any who, working out in my gym is great, but they don’t have the best air condition, so when it’s above 20 degrees outside – it automatically feels like a 100 degrees inside the gym.

I had legs, back and biceps yesterday and also I decided (despite my run in the morning) to do some interval training – HIIT training on the treadmill. Meaning, 15 second sprint, 15 seconds off – do that for 10 minutes = 20 rounds of 15 second sprints (2 sprints per minute).

That was crazy. Especially, when you’re not that good with the warmth.

Therefore, I looked like this afterwards:

Skærmbillede 2018-07-08 kl. 12.42.21.png

When you try to cope with the heat and force a thumbs up after HIIT training..

Skærmbillede 2018-07-08 kl. 12.51.08.png

Great Lunch & Family Time

After my workout I decided to put away my phone, follow my challenge and make an incredible lunch – homemade tuna salad on toasted rye bread.. Super simple and absolutely amazing!

2 cans of tuna, sweetcorn, bell pepper and greek yoghurt!
Here’s what it looked like.

After a great lunch me and my family had planned to go watch the local football team – AaB – play a training match before season starts next week.

The weather was amazing and also I live right next to the stadium so everything was easy to plan. There’s just nothing better than spending time at a stadium watching live football. Even though they lost 1-2 it was a great match and they seem almost ready for next season! Fingers crossed 😉

Here’s a picture of our beautiful stadium to get you in the right mood!


After the game, we went to my apartment to relax and plan the last few things before our trip to the USA next month. We were to plan our itinerary for New York as we only have three full days. Also, the World Cup was still on so we had a few extra games to watch.

After planning for a little while we decided to order pizza to finish off a great day.

Finishing Off

There’s no better place for me than sitting in front of my world map. A place for me to dream and plan my upcoming holidays.

Also, this is where I write all of my posts for this blog and it inspires me to sit at a desk with this world map in front of me.

So, after dreaming and writing for a little while, I decided to read a little more due to my no electronics challenge before heading to bed.


Over all a great day with a mix of everything you want in a great day.


Hope you guys will have an amazing Sunday!


Thank you for reading,

Junior out.



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