The Art of My City!

Hey Guys,

Happy friday and thanks for checking in!

This post is going to be filled with awesomeness!

So, as some of you guys I moved back to Denmark about 2 months ago from Dublin, Ireland. My hometown is called Aalborg and is located and the northern part of Denmark.

Aalborg is the 4th biggest city in Denmark with about 115.000 people living here. It’s an amazing city and very international due to over many schools and universities. I love how it has brought new light to the city and you can feel it too.

Creativity is intelligence having fun” – Albert Einstein

Not only can you feel it. You can see it too. To show you, I decided to go for a walk around my neighborhood.  I’ve only been walking for about 10-15 minutes and I’ve spotted these 7 places with this amazing graffiti art. There are several other places around the city that’s covered with creativity.

I know, usually graffiti isn’t pretty to look at, but take a look at these picture. It will make you realize just how much you can create with color in cans.

I hope you enjoy it just as much as I do – because I love the feeling it gives to my city.

The picture below is my favorite.. It’s so beautiful. Located on the stairs leading to one of our train stops in the west-part of the city.


Despite the misplaced “King” it still brings life to the building and its surroundings!


As mentioned, these are just a small part of the many places around the city. If you like this post I will make another with the rest – maybe I’ll make a day of it, it’s kind of exciting for me too!

Guys, thank for checking out this small part of my home town – oh, and have an amazing weekend!!


Take care,

Junior out.


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