Less Electronics Challenge – Update

Hey Guys,

Thanks for checking in!

Today, I’ve been doing my challenge for a week. As mentioned in my previous post, I want to become more free in a world of electronics.

I gave myself a few ground rules to follow:

  • Put away my phone 1 hour before bedtime.
  • Turning off TV and laptop 1 hour before bedtime.
  • Start reading instead or go for a walk to clear your head.

So that’s what I did.

One Week In

One week in and I feel great. It might only be one hour each night I dedicate to being electronic-free but I honestly feel a difference already.

Not only do I sleep a whole lot better and feel a bit better mentally when I wake up the following morning. I also feel a certain amount of renewed energy.

I started reading. I’ve put aside half an hour each night to read. Doing this right before bedtime has made it easier for me to fall asleep. More importantly, I’ve actually already read half a book – more than I’ve read for a long time. The book is in English and I love it, as it will help me improve my reading speed and hopefully improve my vocabulary.

Roy Keane The Autobiography
Roy Keane – The Autobiography

Beside the reading I also started running. I’ve actually been out on the road 4 out of 7 days so far. But the cool thing is that I didn’t do it in the afternoon when I’ve been forcing myself to quit my electronics. I’ve been doing it in the morning. It has given me a new boost of energy and I feel great. I’ve been meaning to start running for quite a while now and I’m so happy I started doing it – now I’ve got to stick with it, and that’s the challenge!


You can’t gain energy and more focus just by reading and exercising. You got to eat the part too. Therefore, I’ve forced myself to cut down on sugar and carbs.

I know, carbs are not gonna kill you and I’m not saying I’ve removed carbs 100%, I’ve just been eating less than usual. I’m eating a lot of eggs, meat (sorry vegans), and loads of veggies. A typical breakfast for me right now would be:

Breakfast – 5 eggs, spinach, onion and ham – YUM!

5 eggs is a lot, yes, but I feel so good after eating this. Eating protein helps me not to bloat during the day and I love it – also I’ll stay full for a long time. I tend to eat a lot of carbs and it usually will make my stomach look HUGE!

Food, healthy

Wrap Up (see that’s funny because there is a wrap above)!

So, the over all picture is that I haven’t felt the urge to check my social media every night and that was one of the goals I talked about.

I’ve gained more energy, better sleep, and also a better understanding of what it takes for me to quit my addiction to electronics.

I guess the beginning is alway the easiest part, when it comes to staying motivated. I’m motivated and I’m going to stay motivated. This is starting out as a challenge and hopefully, in the long run, it will turn out a lifestyle.

“Take care of yourself. Eat well, rest, train hard and smart, make time to think and breathe. Be intentional with your time”
Kristin Armstrong

That was the first update regarding this challenge and hopefully I will be able to motivate you to do the same. It feels amazing, so I dare you to try it.

Take care guys,

Junior out.

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