The United States 2018 – VACATION!

Hey Guys,

Thanks for checking in!

I’m super excited about this post! It fits the day – 4th of July! In only one month from right now my family and I are sitting on a plane from Denmark heading for our next adventure!

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USA Trip 2018

Departure from Aalborg, Denmark with JFK and New York City as the next destination!

For three weeks, me and my family are going back to America for some well deserved vacation. This is our trip itinerary:

Denmark – New York City – Miami – Key West – Everglades National Park – Tampa Bay – Orlando – St. Augustine – Daytona Beach – Orlando – Washington D.C. – Denmark

It’s going to be another great trip and we’re super excited to go!

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USA Trip 2016

Back in 2016 we went to the USA for the first time.

We visited California, Arizona, and Nevada. Proper roadtrip – rented a car in Los Angeles and three weeks, three states, and an incredible amount of memories later we returned back in the City of Angels.

Back then our itinerary was:

Denmark – Los Angeles – Santa Barbara – Monterey – San Francisco – Yosemite – Fresno – Bakersfield – Lone Pine – Death Valley – Las Vegas – Grand Canyon – Kingman – Las Vegas – Los Angeles – Danmark

If you ever visit that part of America this is a really good route to visit and experience everything from big city life, beautiful scenery, national parks and historical monuments/places. An incredible mix of all the things you want in a roadtrip/vacation!

Skærmbillede 2018-07-04 kl. 18.40.28.png

A Dream

Do you have a city or a country that you love even though you haven’t been there? A place you just know you’re going to love if you ever were to visit it? For me, that city is New York City.

It’s been a dream of mine since forever to visit New York City. Ever since I started watching different TV shows and started to get more and more interested in the US. If you don’t know it my ultimate bucket list goal is to visit every state in the US. But New York City has always been the number one place for me. I feel like I belong there even though I’ve never even visited the place.

One belongs to New York instantly, one belongs to it as much in five minutes as in five years” – Tom Wolfe

So, yes, I’m very excited to visit the US in a month and can’t wait for a new adventure and to create new memories!

Do you have anything planned for the summer? Let me know – I need inspiration for next year 😉


Thanks for reading guys!

Take care,

Junior out.

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