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So, some of you might know that I’m just a simple, Danish fella who loves to write random stuff. The natural thing for me would of course to write in Danish and people usually ask me why I write in English and not my native language – well, there are several things to it, some of them are:

A “Challenge”

Well, it’s not really a challenge for me to write in English. I feel like my English is pretty awesome and I love speaking/writing in English. Of course, it’s not perfect as it isn’t my native language – Danish is.

I’m not really thinking about what I’m writing or how I’m writing it – so I guess it’s not much of a challenge after all, but it’s more of a challenge than writing in Danish.

Catching your audience in another language is always going to be a challenge as you need to be updated on the latest “lingo” and I love that challenge.

Skรฆrmbillede 2018-07-01 kl. 09.55.53.png

More Creative

I feel like I can be more creative. To me, some of the words and sentences simply just sound better in English – I don’t know why but it does. haha.

Also, if I was to write in Danish I would probably feel a bit more locked in on certain words and phrases, instead of being a bit more creative in English. Here, I always try to come up with a catchy sentence or headline for the post – and I like the creative part of writing – of course.


Just like you guys out there who aren’t native English – you can’t be nothing but proud about your skills. Even though it might be super easy for us to talk, write, and read in another language, it’s still a major accomplisment to learn a foreign language.

Sometimes, from people reading my posts, I get padded on my back for my language/communication skills and that makes me super proud – even though the English language is as much a part of me as the Danish.

Be proud of yourself – you are fully fluent in another language than the one you were born with. Keep practicing and keep improving because you’re doing awesome – that’s what I keep telling myself.

Broader Audience

There are about 5.5 million people in Denmark. I have no clue how many people are speaking Danish outside of Denmark but it’s not a whole lot.

Compared to how many billions of people speaking or understanding English – we are nothing. Our language might be special (at least we’d like to think so) but I’m not going to be limited because of a certain language with 5.5 million people when I can write and reach billions of people – just by writing in English.

I know this blog probably isn’t going to be a way of life (but it would be super cool) – but it’s still pretty amazing to be able to reach loads of people.

To Learn Any Foreign Language First You Need To Fall In Love With It”
Svetlana Shchedrina

Wrap Up

Can you let me know what you think of this? Do you write in your native language or do you do like me? And why do you do it? Because of the challenge, the audience or because writing in another language makes you proud – just like me?

I really hope you guys are taking your time to learn something new each day – because only by doing so, we will grow into more professional and impressive individuals.


Thank you guys for reading,


Junior out.

2 thoughts on “Writing In A Foreign Lingo

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  1. I agree that by writing in English, you are able to reach a LOT more people. I’m grateful to people, like yourself, that do this! More content for me to enjoy ๐Ÿ˜› But I also really admire those that write in English AND translate into another language. I’d love to do something similar if I had a strong enough command of a foreign language.
    Nice post btw ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Thanks !!

      I will do my best to create more content for you ๐Ÿ˜‰

      It’s just a matter of learning – but of course it’s easy for me say. I’ve been taught English in school since the 3rd grade and it has just stuck with me naturally ๐Ÿ˜‰

      I’ll make a post with some standard Danish translations, then I will get you started ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Take care!

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