5 Things To Know Before Solo Travelling

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Today I want to write a bit about solo travelling. I’ve already covered reason to Why I Love Solo Travelling in another blog post – go check that out if you like!

In this post I want to write about 5 things to know before solo travelling. Things I wish I’d known before either travelling alone or moving abroad.

Let’s go!

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Be Prepared

Being mentally prepared and prep a few things before going is always a good thing. I’m not a big planner myself but I always make sure to prepare and check up on a few things from home,  e.g. where to go, where not to go, what things I would like to see etc.

In case of going away for a weekend I would (of course) recommend booking everything, like hotels etc., in advance as they tend to sell out quickly – depending on where you’re going. Having a place to stay is always good, right?

On Your Own

Let’s face it. If you’re solo travelling – you are going to be on your own at some point during your travel. You won’t always have people around you – yea maybe you do, but they’re probably going to be complete strangers.

Getting mentally prepared and realize that you’re actually going to have to deal with different situations yourself while travelling alone. With that being said, you’ll probably always have some nice people around you – so don’t be scared to ask for help.

Don’t Drink Too Much

Drinking while travelling is an awesome of meeting new people. People tend to open up and realize that they aren’t alone and usually everybody love to be social and meet new people. So I’m a big fan of socializing over a drink or two…

But! Know your limits. Just like anywhere else, if you’re not aware of the things going on around you it could end up bad. If you’re travelling alone and you lose your phone, wallet or even worse, your passport – it could put you in a really bad situation. Of course, everything can be fixed but the time spent on regaining these things can be costly and not worth the time.

Again, know your limits but please have fun. Talking to and meeting new people at a bar or anywhere with alcohol (day tours etc.) can be the start of amazing friendships. I have loads of friends I’ve met at pubs in Dublin!

Check In With Someone

If you not that comfortable or maybe you’re travelling alone for the first time you might want to check in with somebody from home. Everything might be fine with you – hopefully – but people at home might not know this. This is more of a general tip of helping everyone around you not to worry while you’re away from home.

Checking in never killed anybody – so do it for your own and your worrying parents/friends/family at home 😉

Be Brave

This is pretty much to sum up everything – be brave.

I gotta hand it to you – if you went, if you’re going, or planning a solo adventure you’re already incredibly brave. You’re putting yourself out there. Outside of your comfort zone and I think you’re awesome for doing that!

Don’t be a stranger while on your own. Talk to people. Explore new things. Do something you wouldn’t have done – usually it ends up well and you might end up with friends for life that you can visit in other countries!

“You’re never really alone. The World is full of friends waiting to get to know you.”

Last Words:
This might sound scary to some of you but I’m all in for solo travelling. You get to know yourself on a whole new level. You get to try things you might never would have done.
Just do it!


Thank you guys for checking in!
Junior out.






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