Terrible At Saving Up? Here’s My Best Tip!

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In a previous post called Not Thinking When Writing I was talking about travelling and how I hate saving up money – or let’s say how terrible I am at saving up.

I guess from the title and what I’ve written so far, you can kind of figure out what I’m going to write about today – my best tips for saving up – both small and big amounts.

Trust me, if it works for me, it works for you!

So, when I lived in Dublin I purchased this amazing Guinness “Beer-money” souvenir money box. I didn’t really plan to start saving anything at the time but it quickly turned out to be a turning point for me and my savings skills.

Skærmbillede 2018-06-19 kl. 11.57.29.pngPretty cool, right?

Cash vs Card – Saving Small Can Add Up

So here is what I did.

Usually I would just use my card whenever I had to purchase something but I figured that was a stupid idea as I would never keep track of my spendings.

Therefore, what I did was, I withdrew a certain amount of money for each week to spent on transportation, food, fun etc. When you withdraw larger amounts of money you will always get notes, right? So whenever I had to go grocery shopping or something like that I would bring a note (5, 10, 20 or 50 EURO notes) – then, when I came home if I had any coins left from that note I would throw all the coins in the savings box.

It might not sound like a whole lot but trust me, you save more than you can imagine. Of course this means you cannot just take out the coins again whenever you need them – that would kill the whole point of this. 

In about 3 months of saving like this – without even thinking about the awesome Guinness savings box I had actually saved about 550 EURO – just by withdrawing money instead of using my card plus putting away/saving all the coins I would ever come across. Please note that I, in the beginning, never put aside any notes – only coins.

Of course you can also do this with notes.

All About The Rules You Set Up

I’m not a big fan of rules but sometimes even I gotta admit they come in handy.

To give you some overall tips on how I saved up:

  • Make a budget – AND STICK WITH IT!
  • Withdraw money each week for your groceries, transportation, fun etc.
  • When you go out to spent money, bring your notes and not your card.
  • Whenever you’ve spent money, you put aside all the coins you have left from the note you spent.
  • If you’d like to save more (like I’m doing now) you can put away smaller notes too.

Right now, I’m putting away any small notes that I would get back. In Dublin it was a 5 EURO note. Here in Denmark it’s a 50 DKK note (about 7 euros).

Sometimes putting aside bigger amounts can give a serious feeling of excitement. 

This quickly adds up and I haven’t counted how much money’s in the box right now, but it’s adding up quickly.

Skærmbillede 2018-06-19 kl. 11.57.43.png

Wrapping Up

This is, of course, just one way to save up. If you’re like me, this way is a genius way of saving up. Trust me, saving up small can add up to big amounts as well.

I’m going to keep doing it this way. Please note that I also have a savings account online but this way allows me to save up for a flight, a hotel, or maybe some allowance money for a trip.


That’s it!If you liked this tip please feel free to let me know. You can also follow this blog for more inspiration and posts like this!


Thank you guys!

Junior out.


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