Gotta Risk It For The Biscuit

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Today I heard this quote on Facebook: “Gotta risk it for the biscuit” and I laughed quite hard when I heard it.

The Facebook clip was uploaded by some guy who wanted to casually and without hesitation tell random girls that he had a crush on them – pretty funny if you ask me, especially the reactions from the girls in the video.

Great Things Never Come From Comfort Zones“…

… Is exactly the mentality a lot of people are struggling with – including myself at some points in my life.

Why is it so hard for us to get out of that comfort zone and talk to strangers like this guy is doing? It shouldn’t be that hard, should it? Being able to talk to different kind of people shouldn’t be that hard, right? Even if it’s saying stuff like “I have a crush on you” to a random person on the street.

Improvisation vs Scripted Conversations

I can’t tell wether or not these Facebook or YouTube videos are improvised or scripted, but nevertheless I think it’s awesome and it should motivate other people to try and do the same. Maybe don’t improvise if you’ve never done it before or feel uncomfortable about it. Having an idea or at least a couple of themes/subjects to talk about is always good – both for improvised and scripted conversations.

All About Yourself

Over the years I’ve been trying to improve my skills to improvise and I’ve taught myself how to talk to a lot of different types of people.

I’m not really sure how, maybe my trips abroad to Lisbon, London or Dublin has something to do with it but I never feel nervous when talking to people I don’t know. A few years ago I was pulled in to do presentations for my old school – talking about how I was the “perfect” student (meaning how I got good grades, went abroad and got a job right after graduation). These are all things that I’ve done to improve my own skills within communication and you can do the same.

Skærmbillede 2018-06-18 kl. 14.04.51

Top 5 Tips On How To Talk To People

If you feel like you could use some pointers or tips on how to talk to people – here is my top 5 on how to improve yourself:

Keep It Simple

Starting a conversation with a total stranger is one thing, actually keeping the conversation going is another. One way to, and this covers basically all of the tips below, is to keep it simple. Stay with simple questions and simple answers – at least in the beginning to get started. Once everything is flowing perfectly fine you can start to go deeper.

Ask Questions (Open ended)

“How are you?”, “What’s it like in…?” etc., questions with what, why, when, where and how are open-ended questions that are likely to get your company talking as this invites them to talk more than answering yes or no – this is basic school/beginners stuff when talking about communication but it really is essential if you wish to keep a conversation going.
Not only does it show you as a listener and a curious kinda person, but it also open up the opportunity for new questions to appear in the conversation.

Open up without over-sharing

Once you’ve kept it simple and asked your open-ended questions to get to know each other you can start opening up some more. Once you’ve talked about the basics you should be able to automatically come up with new topics to talk about – maybe similar interests as well.
This is where you can talk more about yourself, but please be aware of over-sharing (especially if you don’t know the person very well). If you’re coming off to strong, you might seem a bit too forward and it might get SUPER weird – AWKWARD!

Ernest Hemingway.png

Scripted/Memorized Topics

This is a simple one. If improvising and/or talking crazy ain’t your thing, then you might want to have a few topics prepared before meeting whoever you’re going to meet.

Having a few questions/topics ready will make you look more confident. Also, it could avoid disaster if you run into a serious situation of awkward silence.

Topics that will always work: Sports, hobbies, where they are from, vacations etc.

If you’d like to find more inspiration, you can find loads of lists on Google with topics to talk about!

Be Genuine

I can’t stress this enough. Making reality sound better by telling a little white lie never killed anybody but seriously, you want to stay genuine as this is the simplest way to keep track of what in Gods name’s going on.

Giving straight, genuine answers will always make you look better, whereas, if you get caught lying (even if it’s a little white lie) it will make you look like really bad.

Each Day Is A New Opportunity To Improve Yourself. Take it. And make most of it.

Guys, I hope this helped you out or at least motivated your ass a little! Feel free to let me know if it did!


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