Expectation vs Reality


Welcome back and thank you for sticking with my page even though I don’t post that much. I’ve been super busy and will try to keep up now.


So what’s new? Since my last post, quite a lot of things has happened. About two months ago I moved back to Denmark after an amazing year in Dublin, Ireland.

Being in Ireland and working at Microsoft, really opened my eyes and made me realize how much it takes to actually making a name of yourself. Despite this “negative” thought, I really thought this job would make it easier for me to get a job once I would get back to Denmark – unfortunately, so far, this hasn’t been the case.

I’ve been home for about two months now and I’ve been applying for jobs that would fit my interests, but I keep running into two major problems:

  1. I’m not motivated to work in “small” and local companies after working abroad in a multiinternational company, which is making it really hard for me to even look into these companies.
  2. The jobs that I would like, I do not have enough experience or the right education to apply.

I have a dream… I have a dream that one day experience and personality will mean as much as the piece of paper you have showing your grades from school.

The gap between expectations vs reality was and is bigger than I thought.

The funny thing is that it’s harder to get a job in my own country than it is abroad – something to think about, but I’ll keep my head high and I will keep looking.


Thank you for checking in guys, have a great weekend!


Junior out.

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