The How do You do it? 

Fear = ?
Fear of change? Fear of the unknown? Fear of leaving everything behind?
As a guy on his third trip abroad to work I quite often get asked: “How do you do it?”.
Referring to how can I just leave friends, family and the safe country of mine called Denmark behind.
Just like with anything else, I’m have a millinial mindset when it comes to travelling and taking the “easy road”. For me, it is too easy to go back home. For me, it’s too easy to be in Denmark where everything is taken care of.
When people ask me the question on how I do this lifestyle, I usually refer to the mindset above or a quote similar to the one below.
Fear is just false evidence appearing real. You don’t know what you would fear, unless you pack your backs and go… When you do, you know exactly why I do and how I can do, what I do.


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