Me, Myself and I

Hi guys,

So, I’ve almost been in Dublin for 8 months now (in 3 days) and yesterday it struck me how much I’ve changed since I came here from Denmark – mentally.

In the beginning it was very much about making everybody like me. I’ve always been the guy that most people like and didn’t really take serious and I guess my mentality changed, stayed, and followed that direction too.

Over the last months, I’ve been trying to look for new challenges in my life – within many different areas. During this process, I’ve been more about me, myself and I and really focused on what would be good for me and not everyone else – like I used to.
I’ve really sat down and thought about what I wanted to do, what would make me happy and not what everybody else would want from me.

I guess it also grows on you the older you get – the, “I want to something for me”-feeling, you know? The never ending feeling of knowing what actually would make you happy, but never really do that thing or things. Sometimes it feels like a prison to me and hopefully everyone else too.

The growing up mentality is arising – what do you want?

So, as I was really thinking about what I wanted to do, many thoughts came to my head; “Do I play this smart or dumb?”, “Am I in Dublin for me?”, “Would I rather be back in Denmark?”, “Am I doing what I want to do”, “If you could, would you make a change?”. 

Some times you’ve gotta doubt yourself to really figure out what you want to do and to get to know yourself a little better. That is one of the things I’ve learned during the last months – not doubting in a bad way, just asking questions only I can answer. Not depending on anyone else opinion on me, my life and my choices.

I came to the conclusion, that right now, I’m in the right place in the world. Dublin, right now, is the city for me. But there are some changes I need to make to make this stay work out the way I want it to.

So, I guess I’m playing it smart. Listening to myself.

Take care.


Poolbeg Lighthouse, Dublin Ireland




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My name is Rasmus, I'm a Danish guy who wants to share every thought, dream and struggle about my life.

Via trips abroad as an expat to London, Lisbon and must recently Dublin I've gained some experiences that I would like to share.

I play the guitar, sing, love to travel, spent time with my friends and family and I'm a big Manchester United fan.

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